Keeping Heated with UNIQLO

October 20, 2016



Uniqlo Heattech turtleneck t-shirt
Uniqlo Heattech plaid scarf
Uniqlo Heattech tights


Uniqlo and I go way back to a fashion week at Lincoln Center smack dab in the middle of winter. I ran into a friend on the way to the subway, my fingertips frosted even with gloves on. My nose feeling like it’s going to fall off despite my heavily knitted wool scarf. I had a wool coat layered over a cashmere cardigan layered over a blazer layered over some sort of silk dress I decided to wear that fashion week and I was still freezing to the core. And hating life. And of course I was  wondering how in the world my friend was running around town in just a sequined long-sleeved dress and looking like it was sunny and above 70 degrees out. HOW IN THE WORLD? She was like “Giiiiirl, I have my Uniqlo Heattech underneath this thing.” As soon as those three words left out of her mouth, I knew that I no longer had to suffer through the NYC winters as much anymore. And it felt like all of the world’s problems could be fixed by layering Uniqlo.

Coming from California, my first few winters on the east coast were pretty brutal. Being used to the denim and leather jackets that could get me easily through a January in Southern California was a whole other story over on this side. I had absolutely no idea of what were the components of a suitable winter coat, so of course I came super under-prepared. Instead I would layer a bunch of lightweight ones so that I looked like the Michelin man and could hardly move an inch in any direction, let alone fit through the subway turnstile. And I still felt cold. And then, there was the whole issue of waiting for the subway to come, surrounded by bodies of people at a similar Michelin man status as me, exchanging body heat and slowly sweating our layers off. Looks exchanged with those surround me feeling the same sort of annoying, sweaty pain. And then repeating the process say maybe one or two more times throughout the day. Let me tell you, carrying five layers of outerwear on top of my work bag, groceries and whatever else I decided to pick up that day was not the most fun. Comedic for those who were dressed well prepared for the cold. But for me, it was one of the heaviest endeavors of transitioning to east coast life from someplace where these sort of worries were never at the forefront of my mind before. A lifestyle change had to happen. And it took one little Uniqlo turtleneck t-shirt to really change the game for me. It’s like I found out the biggest secret and my little California jaw dropped in admiration and hope like it did the first time it viewed the NYC skyline from Dumbo at night. I was saved.

And here I am. Fall already here, and winter quickly approaching, and all my insecurities about keeping warm have flown out the window. I’m feeling warm and cozy as a pup on Christmas day. Look ma, not even a coat required in this wind chill! I mean, I’m sure that when winter actually comes around, a coat will very much be required, but everything Uniqlo Heattech will be my best friend in the upcoming months. How about you?









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Everything Black

October 17, 2016


Etro dress
AGL flats
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag

Even though in general my style is laid back and thrown together (and happy color driven), I’ve never minded a reason to dress up. Maybe it’s the weather changing . . . but it looks like I’m making a slow progression towards the darker, more dramatic side. I’ve already gone all natural with my hair color (thank you Jasmin Rainieri at Julien Farel Salon). I still haven’t gotten completely used to seeing my hair so dark after years of leftover bleached locks coming forth from salt water vacations that I actually have been missing dearly. It’s a little “witchy”, but hey ’tis the time to be a little bit more of that right? At the same time, the change feels refreshing. Like a blank slate looking to be drawn on with any sort of hand. And although I’m still getting used to the idea of pairing my darker hair with clothing just as dark, and possibly even  darker . . . there’s something alluring about the idea. Maybe leaning a little more towards the mysterious, which is how some people have described me before. I do like to keep a lot to myself, oftentimes revealing my deepest at only the most rarest of occasions that even I am surprised that I have let them out. But that’s what I love most about the changing of seasons. The surprises. The spontaneous decisions. The lightness of being drifted in a direction by an unknown energy that can hardly be described yet we follow it. I have nothing but love for all of these things. And so I shall wear all black and embrace the fact that for whatever reason at all that has overcome me, it feels right to me right now.

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To Seamlessly Co-Exist

October 13, 2016


Kurt Lyle coat
AGAIN silk dress
All Saints sherpa bag
La Canadienne shoes
Daniel Wellington watch
Dannijo earrings

Print and texture and print and texture. The most beloved thing of all when it comes to dressing for lower temperatures. Outfitting in autumn is like being a kid putting a puzzle together. Sometimes the most unexpected and most strange of pieces are the ones that fit. I recently dug this silk slip that I haven’t worn in ages and was inspired to bring it back to life again. All of a sudden, it’s spicy tigress status was brought down to a homely yet chic humbleness with this retro/verging on grandma-ish (in the best of ways, of course) coat that I am head over heels over (from Kurt Lyle’s latest collection . . . make sure to check that out HERE). My patchwork sherpa bag thrown over my shoulder on the way out the door, and all of sudden, three pieces that seemed to not go along with each other at all when laid out in different parts of my closet, seemed to seamlessly co-exist in the most steady of ways. So steady as a matter of fact, that it nearly matches the most calm of heartbeats. Oh, and the earrings? Found them at the bottom of my purse after borrowing them from my sister for a party not to long ago. Afterthought accessorizing is definitely a thing nowadays for me it seems.







Let’s Not Forget Summer

October 12, 2016


Kore swimsuit

It’s far from sweltering nowadays, and the days feel much shorter than they did ever before. But summer . . . I’ll never forget it. Tropical getaway anyone?

Photos taken at Gurney’s in Montauk, New York. But I might as well be in California.

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