The Art of Independence

August 25, 2016



Cienne overalls
Stylestalker tee

After three years of being a New Yorker, there’s one thing that I’ve learned. Being independent is an important quality to have in this city. In a city that seems to continuously be going in all directions and with new faces crossing our paths on the daily, it can be easy to be overwhelmed. I’ve thought about this a lot since I moved to NYC three years ago. And I know for a fact that my first few months here I would not have survived so easily if it wasn’t for my sister already being here, and instantly becoming my closest friend here. She still is. She was the person who calmed me down when I got lost on the subway and felt so frustrated at life. She was the person who listened to me vent when my boss at work pissed me off so hard I wanted to cry and kick and quit on the spot. She was the one who gave me a shoulder to lean on when I needed a place to escape from an evil roommate situation. And she was an open door when I needed to get out of my place and just shut things out for a little bit. The world outside one’s doorstep in this city can be a hurricane, with the looks of a bully that cannot seem to ever be conquered alone. Which is why I understand why the idea of seeking refuge with people who are friends or acquaintances, at all times, is a form of protection in this city that is a sea of ever-changing experiences and characters that can sometimes hurt us or knock us down. And the idea of facing it all alone . . . well that’s quite scary right?

I once wrote a blog post mentioning how NYC can feel to some, like the loneliest city in the world, despite all the bodies and all the action and the endless amount of things to do. That’s the thing about NYC, there is so much going on at once, time feels almost useless because there is never enough time for it all. Never enough. And well that sort of passing of time, of having what seems like the world at our fingertips, but not enough time to grasp at it, that can be a pretty lonely feeling. And yes, I’ve had that feeling many a times. And in times like these, I always try to change things for the better.

Instead of feeling swept away by time, I made the decision to use every second of my time. And I started by looking at the idea of loneliness and how I could change it with different sorts of perspective into something that I shouldn’t be fearful of, but something that I would want to embrace and embody. Loneliness vs. Being Alone. It’s a sometimes confusing concept, but there really is a major difference between the two. And the concept, for me, heavily relied on my sense of independence. How strong am I on me own two feet? How often do I rely on others for supplying the answers? How much do I motivate myself, without the approval by others? How confident am I in situations where I won’t have someone there to back me up? These are all questions I asked myself, and they all involved qualities that I knew were things that would help me survive the city that I live in in a positive and self-empowering way. So, I worked on strengthening these qualities, little by little every single day, during the times when I had a little more time on my hand to be alone with my own thoughts. Little old me, myself and I. NYC really is the perfect sort of city to be independent in. You can get lost in it an amazing way. A way that is much different from feeling lost in a lonely sort of way. Take away the crutches and find ways to utilize your time independently. You can’t always rely on a friend or a family member or a co-worker to be there for every sort of situation you find yourself in. So being prepared to have your own back is key. And you yourself should always be the first person you confide in before anyone else. You’ll find that by doing things alone . . . getting a slice of pizza, checking out an art exhibit, going to a movie you really want to see, taking a walk to the park, people watching, introducing yourself to someone new who seems interesting, etc. . . . are in ways the baby steps to becoming your own best friend. You might be surprised at how far from lonely you will feel after seeing how far you can get by just relying on your own two feet. Having your friends and family around the other times, well those are just extra perks.




A Swimsuit So Sweet

August 22, 2016



Triangl bikini

After a weekend full of writing, I’m still not at the conclusion that anything I’ve written is good enough to post on here . . . so I’ll wait and start off this morning with something a little lighter. And it’s Monday, so we all haven’t had enough caffeine yet to really wrap our heads around things . . .

I didn’t have as many beach days as I’d like this summer (and it’s already nearing the end of August), so I’m making sure to make the most of the last few free days I get to put some sand between my toes. The thing with the beach on the east coast is how much of a trek it can be getting to one. This ain’t California, that’s for sure, but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s just a choice of being lazy or not. But there’s really something about feeling confident and free in a bikini that’s motivation to get my booty to the beach more often. It’s definitely a feat worthy of a celebration. And why not than with none other than the sweetest and most delightful bikini that one’s ever come across? Triangl nailed it so hard with this one in mix and match pastel colors so tasty looking I’d almost rather eat the entire thing for dessert than wear it into the salty ocean water. Like they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. But hey, at least you can wear it right?








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Daddy Longlegs

August 18, 2016


Citizens of Humanity Overalls // SHOP HERE
Aeneas Erlking sheer top
Brixton hat // SHOP HERE

Growing up always being a tall girl, I was forced to learn how to shop differently than my peers. I was always searching for a length that didn’t exist. A length that didn’t make me feel so gargantuan. Too lanky. More awkward than I already was. Back then, it was rare that I would find some sort of a middle ground in the fashion realm that took into consideration both flattery and correct proportion for someone like me (with their heads literally in the clouds). If something was flattering, the proportion was always a bit off, and vice versa. It was frustrating, but I learned to cope by just working it. Working it as in pulling everything to stretch longer and praying that it looks at least slightly alright. And, well, most of the time just working it doesn’t cut it. Today, it is another story. Shopping is no longer a dark ritual of my adolescent past. Tall girls unite! We are not a forgotten breed in today’s world of mass consumer fashion. Or maybe people are just generally taller today? I don’t know, for I am no longer in the sciences, but whatever it’s all working more in my favor now, so I’ll take it. Now look at me in overalls, my childhood denim staple that my mom would always take the threads out from around the bottom so that the legs could be lengthened to keep my ankles from looking like they are in high water. Mom, you were a lifesaver. Still are. But today, my mom doesn’t need to lengthen the pant legs of my overalls anymore. Nope. Not at all. Now isn’t that a gift from heaven?! Citizens of Humanity always kills it with their denim cuts and lengths. They just get it. The way our bodies are made . . . it is all a science, and all the different spectrums of our bodies needs to be considered in today’s age of fashion. But not gonna lie, I’m a little relieved to say that today for the shorter girls . . . well, this time around they can be the ones needing the altering more often . . . not me.







Costa Rica Video Is Here!

August 17, 2016

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I know . . . the wait has been real, but it’s finally here! The video from the Costa Rica trip that I took with my lovelies Natalie and Kiara a few months ago. All footage was filmed by Mike Bishop and it features where we stayed during our first half of the trip at the Four Seasons Costa Rica, located on the Peninsula Papagayo. I really do miss waking up early every morning to the sound of crashing waves outside my window, and smelling sea salt on my skin as soon I stuck my head out the door. I slept the most relaxing and therapeutic of sleeps in this place. A sleep that extended into a meditative-like trance throughout the day. Pure happiness. We felt light on our feet by starting our mornings off with local fruits and the classic Costa Rican breakfast of eggs, rice, black beans and fried plantains. Such a well rounded breakfast that we would have energy to last us far into the evening, when finally our appetites would roar from the exertion we put out to complete our daily activities, which included surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing and zip lining. All these activities were booked through the hotel (and paddle boarding is completely complimentary!). For those who are more into a zen state of mind, the hotel offers yoga, hiking sessions and of course spa treatments. I took advantage of that one afternoon and got the full body massage that also included sound therapy. It was the most soothing process. I finished the treatment with some ginger root tea and felt brand new. In a place like Costa Rica, where nature is so plethoric, it’s hard not to get one with it and work to treat your body in good, natural ways. It deserves it! And Costa Rica is a reminder of that! Pura Vida!

Now watch the video we made featuring Natalie, Kiara and I. Shot by Mike Bishop. I love remembering all the fun times we had! And I hope to visit Costa Rica soon, soon again!

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