Hair Color Strobing with Matrix

May 23, 2016


And now let me present to you what definitely is the biggest hair transformation that I have ever experienced. And the best, thanks to MATRIX. After years of being a dark brunette haunted by leftover highlights from ombres of the past, I was finally ready for a major change. Something a bit more funky, but still me. It was time for me to get a MATRIX hair strobe! Red and pink has always caught my eye when I looked up hair inspiration, but I never had the guts before to actually give it a go myself. This time around, I finally said a bold WHY NOT?! You only live once yeah? And hair . . . well, it’s just hair . . . and sometimes you just have to have real fun with it. And so I told my stylist that I was going for something bold and bright, but still able to blend in with my natural color at the top. He told me a mix of peach, red, pink and purple tones to create a reddish sunset effect would be the perfect match for me. An intense color change, but still fitting in with earthy and bohemian style. I wasn’t sure what to really expect, but I trusted my gut and let the color stripping be put into action. I started to get excited as I saw Dan mixing colors in his bowls. So many bowls! So many colors! It was like sitting in on a live studio art show for the way he painted was quite an art form. Every stroke perfectly placed on my hair and balanced on both sides. It takes a talented hand and creative eye to create the finished result of my look! I was so impressed, and so happy at the end. I was beyond head over heels over my new color; fresh and bright for the summer season.

But, let’s talk more about the hair strobing process and what makes it so unique. The hair strobe by MATRIX is meant is highlight your best features, and is similar to using illuminator or highlighter on your cheekbones, tip of nose, above the lip, etc. to bring attention to certain features. It’s basically the same thing, just with hair instead! I got the cheek strobe, which means the highlights and color added to my hair will focus on calling attention to my cheeks and sides of the face. This is perfect for me since I love to wear my hair center parted most of the time, with light layers framing my face in the front. The effect brings my cheekbones to life, and also brightens up my face in general by bouncing light off at just the right places. I love that my new color complements perfectly the type of light bronze and golden hued makeup colors that I usually go for everyday, as well.

One of the interesting things to think about with a hair change like this is how it will effect my outfit choices! Before coming into the hair studio, I already had an idea of what I thought I wanted, and I knew that a more all white / neutral look would be a more fitting backdrop for my new hair look to come, and I was exactly right! My new sunset red was brought to life against my white dress. Right now, my wardrobe is very color and pattern heavy, but I do love mixing my bolder tastes with whites and sheer neutral fabrics. It looks like all my sheer white blouses will be coming out to play a lot more often now! Pretty excited for that actually. The fun thing is, my hair can act like an accessory now, especially with outfits that are more simple and neutral. It will be an interesting experience to see how I play around with that!

Thanks MATRIX for letting me have fun and experiment with my hair! I’m not afraid to go a little crazy anymore! Check out the MATRIX site to learn even more and see the different types of hair strobes out there :)





















#PeriodProjects with U by Kotex

May 20, 2016


I love the concept behind U by Kotex‘s very first #PeriodProject, The Period Shop. The Period Shop was a pop-up shop on 138 5th Avenue aimed towards fulfilling your every “time of the month” needs such as an unlimited stock of pads and tampons, chocolate for those with sweet cravings, and lots and lots of pain reliever (can’t even get enough of that). The necessities, of course. But there were also lots of fun stuff . . . stuff that reminds us that being a girl is probably the best thing ever . . . even though we get periods. The Period Shop was filled with all things frivolous and pink and outrageously feminine, like undies, pins in the shapes of tampons and pads (yes, this is real), tote bags, as well as mugs and phone cases that with attitude. Everything with a sense of humor, which in my opinion is the best way to go about dealing with our periods, just like life in general. What’s better at curing cramps than a good laugh, yeah?! Oh yeah, and lots and lots of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top.

The Period Shop was inspired by a Tumblr post from a young woman named Sara Michelson that called for a change in the negative way women’s periods are talked about not just publicly but even just amongst women! She wanted periods to be something positive and empowering, not something women must feel the need to hide and be ashamed of. U by Kotex worked with Sarah to make her vision a reality with a new series of Period Projects in line with the brand’s passion for creating change. Sarah’s tumblr post is the start of a movement to celebrate.

The Period Shop is U by Kotex‘s way of saying loud and clear that talking about our period is NOT A BAD THING AT ALL. In fact, it should be something that is strongly embraced. A topic that requires no blushing, just honesty and openness about everything . . . from the pains and the cravings to the mood swings and the stains. It happens to all of us, it’s real and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s natural, and natural is beautiful! Why waste a whole week complaining about the downs of it all, when we could be celebrating our bodies and the fact that being a woman rocks. I love sharing my period stories with my girlfriends and sister. Funny ones and ones that are meant to give a little motivation during a rough patch. TLC and a little time spent with myself is my favorite way to kick away the period blues. Chocolate, tea and a good book is everything I need.

100% of the proceeds from The Period Shop went to Susan’s Place charity, which provides clothing, food, shelter and support for women in need in NYC. A beautiful shop with a beautiful cause celebrating a beautiful thing that happens once a month. I don’t think there could be a better reason for a pop up shop :)

Craving something from The Period Shop right now? You can shop it digitally right HERE.

Plus, check out the Period Projects website HERE to learn more about what was going down in The Period Shop.

















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What My Skin Is Loving | Tula

May 18, 2016


I think I made the best decision for the life of my skin by choosing to try out Tula‘s new range of skincare products. Wowzaaaaaassss. My skin has never felt, looked and glowed better before as an adult!! With it’s fresh blue packaging, and super lovely name, it wasn’t hard for me to pick up and put into my bathroom cabinet. But only the past few weeks have I really been making the line a part of my regular routine. The line is created with Probiotic Technology, which is special because it acts as a nourishing smoothie for your skin. Probiotics stimulate the production of defense cells that help our skin defend itself again aging and damage from outside environmental factors. It works on the skin the same as it works on the inside for our organs when we eat foods high in probiotics. My skin is generally normal/combination for it gets oily usually depending on the weather. And breakouts are pretty minor nowadays thanks to regular care and spot treatments that I use every now and then. But it wasn’t until I started using Tula’s Exfoliating Treatment Mask that my skin began to show a major difference in texture and tone, which were my two main issues. Using this mask twice a week (or more sometimes depending on how much I partied the weekend prior. haha), made my skin feel 10 times smoother, more even toned all over, and far more blemish free. I even used it as a spot treatment overnight. Slowly, I’ve worked all of Tula’s products into my routine. The Purifying Face Cleanser, the Illuminating Face Serum, and the most recent addition of the Hydrating Day & Night Cream (holy shit, this cream is the messiah of all face creams). I haven’t been this happy with my skin in a quite awhile. It feels like it has life again, and it even my friends and family noticed the difference, which really means the results are fab. I really recommend all your healthy skin lovers to give Tula a try! It’s ace.






Famous Leather Raincoat

May 17, 2016


EXPRESS leather coat
Siwy t-shirt
Kate Spade jeans
La Canadienne boots
Liebeskind backpack

Back to regular programming after a few crazy weeks that brought me away from the computer for a little bit more than often. Meetings and shoots have been making life more hectic, but it means that work has been at a high and the blog has really been starting to gain ignition, and it feel really, really good. But my favorite part of what I do is when I can sit down and come here and share my thoughts with you all, like I always did since day one. That’s where it all started :) And I never want to lose that aspect of this blog. Usually I’m used to only being in front of the camera when my sister is behind it, so I’ve been having to get outside of my comfort zone a whole lot more recently. It’s been a fun learning experience working with a bigger crew on set for projects that involve a lot of working parts. I’ve learned to gain confidence in myself because of these situations. The one thing that I have learned the most though, is how important good energy is and to spread that energy, especially when you find yourself outside of your comfort zone. There’s no other way to be your best self than when you can let go, not strive too hard for perfection, and to laugh a whole lot. When you feel the good energy, it feels the most natural, and that’s always my main goal.

A friend of mine recently got me into Leonard Cohen, and I’ve been endlessly obsessed with his song “Famous Blue Raincoat.”

“Ah, the last time we saw you you looked so much older
Your famous blue raincoat was torn at the shoulder
You’d been to the station to meet every train, and
You came home without Lili Marlene”

It’s so melancholic and beautifully written. I can’t stop listening. It’s pace is one that is perfectly made for a rainy day. And my raincoat (not really a raincoat, but it really reminds me of one). It might not be famous, and it might now be blue, and it might not be torn at the shoulder, but I like to think that it is still significant in it’s own way. It looks exactly like one that my mom wore in her old photographs from the 70’s. Nearly the exact shade of wine. She even wore hers with jeans and a striped shirt. Earthy hues that matched perfectly with her dark brown hair. It’s crazy to think about how certain styles are so timeless and classic that they can be brought back to life decade after decade, with the potential to surpass even our own lifetime and onto the next. Styles full of memories, but with room for new one’s to stick to them. Reinvented for today, but nothing of the past lost. Reinvention to be shared and reinvented again and again and again. So much is attached to the idea of a raincoat. To the physical entity of a raincoat. I hope that mine has many memories to come that will stick to it, like the one’s that stuck to my mom’s. For now, I will always remember how mine is leather, and that it will keep me dry when it’s wet, and cool when it’s hot. And even for these tiny facts, it is already significant. Tomorrow, if it rains, who knows what I’ll be doing and who I’ll be meeting in this burgundy leather raincoat.






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