September 25, 2010
Hey yo! I’m 23 ya’ll!!! Brand new age, brand new blog. I’ve worked out a lot of design elements recently on here, and because of it have lost a lot of old pictures, as well as tripped up the HTML on many old posts (reason why they no longer show up). But I’m always ready for a fresh new start. And more ambitious goals in mind for my life and for the life of this blog. Are you guys ready? I have a new camera on hand, so you can be sure to see the photography quality increase, something I am super excited about.

For now, let me show you two collages of images that are inspiring right now. I haven’t created a collage in ages. And since my inspiration folder was bulging at the seams, I thought why not?

black leather / slouchy layers / delicate flowers with messy hair / glitter on our faces / sleek hair against sharp black

a big gap-toothed smile / a clean-faced Carey Mulligan (love her) / ice princess white from head to toe / a closeup pout and see-right-through-you stare / knitted headgearPictures from The Fashion Spot, Knightcat, Studded Hearts

I plan on spending today relaxing and eating with those I love. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend! I know I will, even though another heat wave has settled in again.

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