Free People October Catalog Sneak Peek

September 28, 2010
So, for their October catalog the Free People team decided to go a more realistic route by using fashion bloggers we know and love to model their clothes. These are girls like us that we are inspired by every single day. To them, fashion is not a job but a passion that they cannot help but infuse into nearly every aspect of their lives. It just makes sense they they should be the ones wearing and styling the clothes. The upcoming Free People October catalog is paying tribute to all of us who blog about fashion because we love it. Without fashion bloggers, fashion would never feel or look so real (or so damn good). And with Free People, getting dressed for fall is like taking a peaceful meander through the forest and not getting lost at all.

As promised, I would provide you guys with a little behind the scenes footage from the actual photo shoot my sister Natalie and I did in Philadelphia this past summer. It was extremely hot this day (like tropical weather status), so I looked pretty blah with blisters on my heels and mosquito bites on my legs, but my sister looked fab! I love seeing how the outfits we styled together translate into a pretty picture. I know this upcoming catalog is going to be amazing! Enjoy these behind the scenes pics up above taken in the Free People Creative Director’s awesome pad, a restored warehouse. It was the perfect setting for the brand’s latest collection of knits and earthy patterns. And there is even a sweet video to go with it so you can finally see us in action!

The catalog comes out October 5th, so watch out for it! It also features Rumi from Fashiontoast and Georgia from Dora’s Fur.
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