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November 2010

Wild Flower

November 27, 2010

Top – vintage courtesy of Calico, Jacket – Zara, Scarf – H&M, Jeans – James Jeans, Shoes – vintage, Purse – Melie Bianco courtesy of Chou Chou blog’s giveaway
Hope you all are enjoying yourselves so far this week! The past two days have included a lot of eating, walking around the shops, more eating, and movie-watching for me. Life is good and my tummy is full. What more can I ask for? I saw Love and Other Drugs, Burlesque, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I must say, I now have a total crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. Apparently, so does my mom! We did get a very good view of his perfectly muscular rear, so that may be why! HA! And it was nice to be reminded of Christina’s amazing set of pipes in Burlesque. The girl’s not the best actress, but once she belts out a tune you forget everything else. The Harry Potter movie was thrilling, but nothing can top the original books and all the magical ways you imagine things the first time reading them. Still, I liked the movie and am just itching for Part 2.

Here I am rocking my vintage floral blouse from the amazing online vintage shop, Calico. I think the colors on it are so autumn, and they look divine with all my dark-toned clothes. It is one of my favorite pieces at the moment! As are these vintage ankle booties that I borrowed/stole from my mom.


Frida for H&M / Black Friday

November 27, 2010

Happy Friday! Today I visited the shops today for the Black Friday super sales, but I didn’t really buy anything spectacular clothes-wise. I did head over to Best Buy with my family at 8 A.M. because my sister and I wanted to get new smartphones. We decided to go with the Samsung Fascinate. I am totally addicted to it, and as a blogger I really appreciate how easy it makes social networking. It’s also really pretty and sleek. It’s basically my new best friend. It took us forever to get our phones, so it was already too late to snag the other good shopping deals (even though it was not even 10 A.M. yet), but we still wandered the stores afterward. I didn’t see anything I really liked, but I did pick up a pair of black velvet leggings for a few bucks. For those of you who were brave enough to tackle the crazy-ass crowds today, did you find anything worthy enough to take home?

At the H&M store today (I was looking for those fair isle leggings . . . but they were sold out) and got the latest H&M Magazine. Totally fell in love with the editorial inside with Frida Gustavsson rocking some classically chic looks (see above). It’s everything I want to be wearing right now and even next season. A sweet and romantic mix of masculine and feminine that stands the test of time like a pro. Not only that, but Frida makes anything and everything look AMAZING and so EFFORTLESS.


Earthy Rainbow

November 25, 2010

Sweater – Anthropologie, Sheer Blouse – DKNY, Jeans – James Jeans, Boots – vintage, Beanie – Forever 21, Purse – Jigsaw

HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FELLOW AMERICANS! Let’s all celebrate and appreciate everything that we are lucky to have in our lives, like family, friends, and a roof over our heads. That goes for everyone all around the world, as well. I feel so grateful to have all those who are dearest to me right by my side today.

When its rainy and really cold, like during this past weekend, it can be hard to get into an even remotely dressy mood. Sometimes I just want to lounge around in sweats all day and not give a single thought to what I look like. But you won’t find me in sweats outside of the house. It’s just not my thing, probably because it reminds me of those girls in high school who made pajamas pants their daily uniform (and these were the “popular” girls). Thank goodness for pretty knits with intricate designs to add a little flair to even the most laziest and gloomiest of days. I picked this one up from Anthropologie last month after salivating over it for a few weeks beforehand. It was finally on sale, so I snagged up one of the last pieces. Its earthy colors and layered corset back paneling made it too hard to even think about passing up. I was going to wait until my winter vacations to wear it, but it just started getting excruciating cold where I am at, and this sweater made the perfect cover up. What do you think?

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