BIG NEWS: I’m Moving to Philadelphia!!!

April 27, 2011
And finally I am ready to let you all know my big news!!!! I will be permanently moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a little less than two weeks for my new job at Free People’s home office! It really is a dream come true! This is going to be a major life change . . . being away from my family and loved ones, all the way on the other side of the country. It still hasn’t hit me yet that this is all happening . . . and oh so fast! I don’t start until May 9, but my sister and I already had a little tear fest going the other day in the car, stuck in traffic to be exact. I am going to miss my little baby sister the most of all. I love her so much. But no matter how many miles away we are from each other, we’ll always be there for each other! She is the peanut butter to my jelly!
On the other side of the emotional spectrum, I am so so excited to be joining one of the most talented teams in fashion (not to mention one of my most favorite brands!). Ever since I picked up my first Free People catalog way back in 2006, I always dreamed of working for the brand . . . and now look at me! Crazy how things turn out, huh? I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. But I must say, I owe a lot of what I have accomplished so far to this blog. Without the dedication that I have given Color Me Nana so far, I wouldn’t be where I am now or be having the amazing opportunities coming my way almost unexpectedly. You’ve all seen me explore different aspects of the fashion industry, from a writer for The Fashion Spot to the social media coordinator of Volcom Girls, and I feel like I’ve finally found my groove. So in turn, I must thank you all for supporting me and reading me little old bloggy blogster of a blog. I couldn’t be able to do what I love without you all! And that really says a lot πŸ™‚
I am still going to make sure to keep this blog up and running when I’m in Philly. I’d never leave you guys in the dark! I love you all too much! My head is in the sky right now, and I hope you all stick around to enjoy the ride with me as I jump into this new chapter of my life. So the fortune in my fortune cookie did happen to really ring true: “Your dream will come true when you least expect it”

As long as you follow your heart and never let go of your dreams, you’ll find your rhythm eventually.
Now, are there any bloggers or readers in Philadelphia who can give me some tips about places in the city to live / things to do / places to see? Anyone want to be my official tour guide? haha. I’ve only spent one whole day last summer exploring Philadelphia, and though that’s not enough to really get too know a place, I know that I will love calling this place my new home. And I’m only 2 hours away from NYC! GAH!