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May 2011

See Right Through Me

May 27, 2011
Blouse – STORETS, Leather pants – vintage, Wedges – 80%20, Necklace – from my sister, Bracelet – Les Jumelles

Another outfit from before Philly. Definitely a look worth repeating. My mom found these vintage leather trousers for me. They are PERFECT! I feel so chic in them! Work has been crazy busy this week. So ready for the weekend and so looking forward to my parents visiting me on Sunday, as well as getting to meet Bonnie from Flashes of Style. She arrives in Philly on Saturday for her summer styling internship at Urban Outfitters! Going to be so much fun having this girl in the city 🙂 And she’ll be living close to me, too! Also dreaming about NYC right now, especially since my sister Nat is moving there soon. Can’t wait to get my butt over there and fall back in love again with it like I did last summer. There really is no place like The Big Apple! So much is running through my mind right now . . . and a lot of really cool blog-related things are coming up, as well! It’s going to be a fun ride on the East Coast let me tell ya!


By the White Fence

May 25, 2011
Crochet Vest – vintage from CALICO, Dress – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – 80%20, Bag – Hobo International, Braided Metal Hex Nut Bracelet – LUXLA, Turquoise Bracelet – vintage

Another one of those pre-Philly photo shoots that is just now making it’s way into the blog-o-sphere . . . I am really going to miss this wilderness of green that surrounds my neighborhood back home. You can come here whenever you have the urge to get away from the monotony of Southern California suburbia and just be one with what is around you. It is the greatest escape ever.

I experimented with a purplish-smoky eye this day. What do you think? I think looks subtly sexy. Should I repeat the look? Oh, and this crochet vest from CALICO is just one of those vintage pieces that is such a rarity that you MUST snatch it up as soon as you lay your eyes on it. It fits right in with my Free People workplace, that’s for sure. And do you like my little LUXLA bracelet? It’s so pretty. I like it because it reminds me of how much I love nature. Yep yep. I love a lot of things.


Wee Little Things

May 25, 2011

Look at this little picture of Nat and I when we were just wee versions of ourselves. Taken in Malaysia way back when. I have no idea how old we are here. I must be like 8 or some awkward age like that. We were pretty stylish even back then weren’t we? haha. I totally remember being obsessed with my coral body-conscious top. And my platform flip-flops. Totally inspired by the Spice Girls I was. I made sure to bring this picture with me to Philly. Aw, the beautiful memories. Hold on to them as tight as you can!
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