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February 2012


February 29, 2012

These images from the For Love & Lemons Spring 2012 campaign get me real excited for hot desert weather, bare legs and backs, going back to California, and Coachella. I want to dress like a rock and roll gypsy and dance the night away with my hands way up above my head. That’s the Dylana way. And heck yeah am I going to be wearing a rose halo around my head.

Images from Studded Hearts



February 28, 2012
The backseat of a NYC cab always make for the best photo ops. Surprised that my hair even looked this good the morning these photos were snapped. It was the middle of fashion week and we were in such a rush getting from one place to the next. Thank goodness for beach bum hair wax. Does a head good.

Hoping to use my off time after work this week to get back into some things that used to be the norm in my life, like strumming my guitar and learning a new song on it, reading before going to bed, and writing poems down in my notebook. Sometimes it is hard to make time for things you really love and are passionate about when you work 24/7 and work hard to keep up a blog. Some things just get thrown on the back burner without you even realizing it until it hits you way too late. By the time I get home from work, it’s usually already 7 PM, and then I usually either go to the gym or cook. When that is all done and I’m ready to relax, it already feels like it’s bedtime and all I can think about is sleep. I tried to get back on track with my book last week, but ended up falling asleep before finishing the chapter I was on. I was bummed out, but my eyelids just couldn’t stay open. I work very hard, sometimes too hard I feel, but now I want to work even harder to find balance amongst every aspects of my life. Besides all the good stuff that I love and want to reintroduce into my life, I also want to go through everything in my room and start on a little spring cleaning. Out with the old. Spring is just around the corner. I can taste it on the tip of my tongue. I’m looking forward to a fresh new season and a fresh new start. I’ve never experienced a nice spring on the east coast before. I hope it treats me well.



February 27, 2012
Sequin Top – Disco Pony, Blazer – vintage, Skirt – Willow + Clay, Boots – Steve Madden, Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

Hello Monday! Back to the work week after an exciting weekend. My sister and I spent all day Saturday working on a photo shoot with Volcom for my sister’s Holiday 2012 design collaboration with them. The photo shoot turned out to be a total success. High fives all around. We shot all around Philly at my favorite places. The whole process from styling and location scouting to the actual angles and moments captured on camera was completely organic, and just felt spot on. I think this look book is going to be even better than the last one I shot! I can’t wait for you all to see the finished result. Sunday was spent chilling around the city and catching up with my girl Kim, whom I haven’t had an actual hang session with in quite a while. It was like the good old days gain, when I first came to Philly, and it made me happy to get back to that place again. Oh, I was also recovering from a short food poisoning bit (never am I again eating crab!). It kind of sucked having to stay in when really I wanted to be out dancing, but sometimes you just have to stay in bed and deal with it. The weekends just couldn’t be longer. I need another chill day . . . pronto.

These pictures were taken during NYFW, right before running into Lincoln Center for the Diane von Furtsenburg show. It was extremely windy and bone-chilling, but we took it all head on to get a few shots. I’m in love with the bright hue of this romantically delicate skirt. The wind actually really helped in showing off its beauty. And once again, I busted out the sequins. My friend Zoey, the designer of DISCO PONY, sent me this top from her latest collection. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to wear it to fashion week. It really is something special. Pairing it with the skirt was the icing on the cake. A match made in heaven. Two extremes together can sometimes make the perfect combination in actuality. This vintage blazer was the only jacket I brought to NYFW (other than a basic black wool coat), and it worked with nearly every outfit I packed for the few days I was in the city. I like to pack smart, reworking a few key items that will save me room and time. I think this blazer is one of my favorite items in my closet. There really is nothing I can think of that doesn’t work with it.




February 24, 2012
Some fun party picks of me and my girls Natalie, Bonnie, Caylee, and Christina getting down on the dance floor at the Rebecca Minkoff after party. We know how to have a good time! I miss these girls so much! So much fun, so down to earth, so real. More NYFW posts to come 🙂

** Pictures taken from Caylee’s blog If You Seek Style
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