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June 2012


June 28, 2012

Shirt – Billabong, Skirt – Free People, Boots – vintage, Sunnies – H&M, Bag – Rebecca Minkoff, Necklace – Vanessa Mooney

Day 1 in Chicago. We started the morning off beach trawling and making our ways around the epically structured buildings surrounding Lake Michigan. Walking up and down Michigan Avenue was also a sweet treat, not just for the shopping but also the people watching. Tourists are a very funny species, I have to admit. We walked all the way down to “The Loop”, an area of the city where all the trains basically meet up and form, you got it, a loop-shape collision of tracks and foot traffic. We walked so much that all we could do to restore our energy was crash at a quaint little park by the beach. A much needed nap under the shade was just what we needed before heading out on the town with Caylee. We got a taste of some local Chicago beers and what I’d like to say was the best spinach dip in town before dancing our booties off way into the night. Can anyone say Cat Daddy??



June 26, 2012

Top and Skirt – A-Thread, Cuff – Vanessa Mooney

Just came back from Chicago last night and I have to say that the windy city definitely left a deep impression on me. The wide, wide downtown streets hustling and bustling with people; the epic rows of architecturally profound buildings that seem straight out of a movie set; the conveniently located beach right behind our hotel; the hipster ridden Wicker Park full of soul music dance nights and metal bars full of sweaty, bearded men; Viagra Triangle, where we learned you go NOT to get picked up by rich old men, but to MAKE FUN of them (and eat good Italian food). I loved how you could go from a Beverly Hills-esque shopping mega center to a quaint street lined with brownstones with stoops made for lazy summer evenings in just a few minutes. The Midwest, you have stolen my heart. I hope to see you again! And thanks to our darling Caylee for taking us around to her favorite Wicker Park spots! We love and miss you!

More pictures to come from our trip, but until I find the chance to actually sit down and go through them all, let me leave you with an outfit post from not too long back. As you can tell, stripes are sort of my thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.

** And please make sure to check out A-Thread. They donate 10% of every purchase to a cause of your choice!



June 23, 2012
Just wanted to stop in for a quick hello from Chicago, the windy city! Natalie and I are about to head out to start off our second day in the city. We are craving some bagels! Yesterday we chilled by Oak Street Beach near our hotel and soaked in some sun. Crazy how much I felt like I was back in California. It wasn’t too hot and that breeze made it feel like we were really by an ocean, even though it was actually Lake Michigan! We went aimlessly around the city, taking in the gorgeous buildings and lake views, before meeting up with our friend Caylee for a night out at the Rad and Refined summer launch party. We danced on the street to Cat Daddy playing on our phones and posed by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios for a bit since we couldn’t find a cab back to our hotel. We make the best of even the most annoying of situations. We plan on heading to Navy Pier today and then trawling out of this touristy part of town and over to Wicker Park for some thrifting, good food, and dive bars. Thank goodness we have Caylee, who has lived in Wicker Park for a year now and can show us her favorite spots.
That’s it for now. Have a lovely day!


June 21, 2012

Tank – Big Star, Skirt – Dress the Population, Necklace and Cuff – Vanessa Mooney

I love the idea of piling color on color at the same time during the summer. Highlighter yellow and a more sunflower yellow snake print. Embracing color just like I am embracing all the little bits of summer that all together add up to something stupendous each day. Dinner and drinks with a new friend. Licking ice cream cones on the sidewalk after a long day at work. Biking with no actual destination in mind but just the need to feel a cool breeze. Lying on the grass with my arms beneath my head. Catching The Hives play at The Electric Factory with my buds. Life can’t get any sweeter than in the summertime, that’s for sure.

Heading to NYC tonight and then I am off to Chicagooooooo. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up on my adventures!

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