Long Island // Part 1

November 10, 2012

My friends and I took a mini road trip to Long Island from Philadelphia straight after work for a Friday night Halloween party. With traffic and a few stops along the way, the drive felt like it took us around 4 hours. But the long trek certainly was worth it. We dressed up in our Halloween best and got out drink and mingle on for the rest of the night at Brigette’s friend’s house in a beautifully woodsy part of town. Well, all of Long Island is beautiful and woodsy, but you get what I’m talking about. After going to bed at approximately 4 am, we all woke up at around noon to a perfectly gorgeous and serene day out by the lake, with the beach just a one minute walking distance away. Long Island is pure bliss. Nature is everywhere, and all you really can hear is the chirping of birds and the polite lapping of the water nearby. We went on to explore all the magical little nooks that my friend Brigette grew up with. Taking a moment to breathe and just look around at what a stunning world we live in made me realize how much I really miss living outside of a big city. There is something just so much finer and luxurious about being surrounded by rawness and simplicity. Away from the materialistic things of our day to day lives that sometimes so heavily weigh down our shoulders and thoughts. Because this is how it is all supposed to be. Nature doesn’t ever need to try.

But now going back to the more materialistic side of things for a hot second. My girl Melissa is sporting our red Modern Vice Jett boot. How good are they on her with that distressed plaid? In other good news, my parents are coming to visit my sister and I on the east coast in just a few more days! The last time I saw them was in early January. I cannot wait for our family reunion! It’s been too long! Oh, by the way, I am wearing a Junk Food Clothing tee here!

Pictures of nature by me
Pictures of me by Kristina Boggs