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May 2013

It’s Friday I’m In Love

May 31, 2013

H&M tee, Free People maxi top, Vintage shorts, Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice boots, Vanessa Mooney necklaces, Stance socks, Stela 9 bag 
Hip hip hooray. It’s FRIDAAAAAYYY. Once again! Ha. How much does a working girl love her weekends? Too freaking much. A funky to outfit to start Friday off on a kitschy sort of foot. Sometimes it baffles me how I get dressed in the morning. I like the assurance that comes with a well thought out, planned outfit. But sometimes by the time I put the head-to-toe look on, I’m already bored of it because I’ve already thought about it to much. Boo to planning your outfit in advance and cheers to throwing on something cheeky a few minutes before heading out the door. You might find that you really dig what you put together, and because of the time limit, it may be something you’ve never tried before. Ooooh excitement. Changing things up a bit without even really trying! 
This day was such a day. A muggy day leaning towards summer, yet it still didn’t feel right to be too exposed. First went on the shorts. And then the stripes. Always chic, but boring all by itself. Okay, my lilac Modern Vice Chloe boots. A decadent adornment for my feet. But oh my . . . everyone will be staring at my legs. I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself. I’m already tall enough as it is! Okay. Okay. Lots of leg. Arms are exposed. Cover them up. And maybe a little bit of the bum, too. Maxi top it is then! Fully clothes in the back . . . PARTY IN THE FRONT. That’s how you do it. Reverse it on everyone and see if anyone notices. And floral printed socks since I’m already starting to look a little cray, so why stop there. Okay. By the end of this it seems like A LOT of thought was put into this outfit, but really every written out thought process really took place in just under one minute because of a mad rush to get out the door and grab brunch. Can’t stop a hungry girl. And when it’s the weekend, anything goes.

Felicity Jones

May 30, 2013

Ever since I randomly watched the movie Albatross on Netflix, I’ve developed a girl crush on Felicity Jones. Such a babe! And I love this shoot she did for biannual magazine So It Goes. Digging the film grain and black hats! This British girl is giving off the super cool Frenchie vibes here! Photographed by Eliot Lee Hazel
**Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue

The Hamptons

May 30, 2013
Just wanted to get at you all with some fun snapshots from East Hampton
this past Memorial Day weekend. Not even the verging on sucky weather could stop us from
going around town and taking in the spectacularly lush and green
landscapes, charming colonial style homes and ocean views. The shingle
style houses with their rustic weather-beaten appearance looked so inviting. I
wanted to take a peak into every window. Only in books have I seen such pretty fenced off acres of land! The sweet life really does

So much open space, rolling hills, and hidden dirt paths that lead you
in and out of mystical feeling forests that you just want to get lost in
for days. You can always be sure to find vibrant pops of colors around
the town, from a sweet beach cruiser sitting by a tree and an old
school town car chilling on the side of the road to the door of a
cottage house that looks like it holds tons of warm baked goodies
inside. I could easily imagine what the town looked liked centuries ago
when the first English colonists settled here in the mid-1600s. East
Hamptons was actually the very first English settlement in all of New
York. Even back then, the Hamptons was sort of a playground for the
wealthy. Not that anything has changed today. haha. I have never seen so
many chinos, boat shoes, cable knits, polo tees and pastels in one
place before. Nautical to the max. But I definitely was digging it. My
crew and I sort of stuck out like a sore thumb in our mismatching tie
dye prints, leather jackets and tattoos. It was quite funny seeing the
stares when we first arrived into town and ate at a cute little restaurant on the main street of town. But all in all, I felt like I fit in
perfectly with the natural state of things that made up
the foundation of the town. Give me sea and blue skies and you know I’m
all set.


Summer Heart

May 28, 2013
Top borrowed from my friend, vintage shorts, Vanessa Mooney necklaces,
Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice Officer boots, Stela 9 bag

from my long weekend in the Hamptons and NYC. It’s been a crazy
weekend, full of extreme weather, the new The National album, the best
of the best food, and lots and lots of dancing. To be completely honest,
I wouldn’t mind another whole week of it. I just love discovering new
places, and I love being in NYC, even if it’s just for a weekend at a
time. Every time I leave, I always feel like I am leaving something that
is moving forward without me. I’ll get there soon, I know it. So many
posts to catch up on at the moment. It’s quite insane. But before I
start digging through the pictures from my weekend, I’ll leave you with
an outfit from last week. Summer dressing is by far my favorite. Give me
a billowy blouse and some booty-licious shorts, and I’m a content girl.
Because of the freakish weather we had this weekend, I didn’t get to
bust out any of my bikinis in the Hamptons, but that’s okay because by
the time I got back into Manhattan for Memorial Day, the weather
suddenly switched into summer mode and out crawled my favorite little
mini dress. I thoroughly enjoyed what we got to experience of it for the
past few days, and another weekend in the Hamptons will come again. But next time it will be real summer.


**Pictures by Cheryl Dunn

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