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October 2013

Happy Halloween // 1920s Girl

October 31, 2013

Kicked off my Halloween celebration last Saturday in a 1920s flapper outfit I threw together with some things I already had in my closet and some that I borrowed from work. I always have been a true believer in using your imagination and the things you already have on hand to get into character on such holidays. I’ve been pretty set on being a flapper girl this year for Halloween, and I’m glad with how this one turned out. I busted out the Charleston a few times too many at Mister H, and I must say that I felt totally in my element. Necklace and earrings by Erickson Beamon.

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Dream To Be A Drifter

October 31, 2013

Late night thoughts. Going to be a drifter and a dreamer tonight. You can be sure about that. These pictures make me think wild thoughts. Halloween tomorrow. Going to be busting out my best Cher from Clueless outfit and dancing the night away. I already feel like I’ve been celebrating all week, but I’ll give it a go one more night. Who else is celebrating?

The Beaten Path // #GetYourBootsDirty

October 29, 2013

SOREL Slimpack Riding Glow boots, G-Star Raw cargo jacket, Lovers & Friends tee, Forever 21 suede skirt, Lancaster purse, Vanessa Mooney necklace

This month I collaborated with SOREL boots on the brand’s #GetYourBootsDirty campaign to show you guys some of the ways I like to wear my boots around my neighborhood. Many of you have probably already seen this look posted around my social networks last week, but here’s a better look. Weekends in Brooklyn are always as casual as can be. Sometimes the thought of dressing up is even something I push to the far back realms of my mind. I just want to chill and feel like I’m wearing pajamas, without you know, actually wearing pajamas. That’s when my oversized (and I mean OVERSIZED) cargo jacket comes into play. It’s so spacious I feel like I can house a family of four inside of it. A peek of belly button, my favorite skirt and some thigh highs make running errands around the hood casual but still BK cool. Ya know how it is. I’m just dying for it to rain in the city just so I can bust out these babies again! They are probably the most comfortable pair of wellies I own. And the ankle length is a tasteful one. The more sock showing the better. 



October 28, 2013

Arnhem kimono, Lovers & Friends tank, Forever 21 suede skirt, Modern Vice boots, Free People sunnies

Summer is obviously long gone. And I can’t believe these pictures were snapped just a few weeks ago. With winter basically slapping us in the face with its entrance just a few days ago, I’ve been longing even more so for these Indian Summer type of days that tease us here and there. I miss not wearing tights! But this suede skirt is still quite the staple in my closet. I pair it with plaid or something extra dressy on top. With sneakers or boots. With a blazer or a denim jacket. I’m always into the idea of being leggy in the winter, and this skirt is perfect for just that. 

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