Sister Sister // Photo Shoot with Emma

October 23, 2013

Not to long ago, my sister and I shot with the super talented and lovely photographer Emma Kepley. We did a sister-sister themed photo shoot with her, focused on our personal style and the way my sis and I sort of “bounce” off one another. I couldn’t live without my little Nat; she’s my best friend! Seriously, we have both grown so much together throughout our years and have supported each other so much when we both moved to the east coast over two years ago. My beautiful sister Natalie inspires me each and every day with her effortlessness and good naturedness. We always laugh together and we just get each other on just about everything. There really is no other person that I feel like I share the same brain with. Thanks Natalie for being my best bud and partner in crime, and thank you Emma for capturing us in our favorite city together. We had so much fun bopping around from location to location this fine Sunday afternoon, which ended with Mexican food to go along with some good old boy talk! This is just part 1, so look out for more to come! Check out Emma’s photo blog here
**I’m wearing a Forever 21 tank, vintage blazer and jeans, Modern Vice boots
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