A Rare Occurrence

January 16, 2014

10 Crosby by Derek Lam coat, vintage blazer (underneath), vintage Rolling Stones band tee, AG Jeans high-waisted skinnies, Dr. Martens boots, Rag & Bone hat, Berry Brown purse
That late morning light is kind of my reason for living right now. It’s sort of been a rarity these past few days, so whenever the sun does sneak out and break through, I take advantage accordingly. And when I say take advantage I mean so in a running around and jumping for joy and drinking bubble tea on the corner street in Chinatown sort of way. The possibilities are endless. This coat has been suffering all sorts of extreme weather these past few weeks. Still in tact. Who knew that ombre checker print was as chic as fudge?? Mmmm. In other random news, this vintage tee reminds me that I got to throw together another playlist for ya’ll 🙂 New music is what gets this gal through her days, besides the occurrence of rare late morning sunlight. Occurrence. Occurred. Occurring. All the tenses of this word are looking like all sorts of loopy right now. Haven’t had my coffee yet guys. So sorry.