F21 // Varet Street

January 23, 2014

Forever 21 dress, Free People maxi top, Sam Edelman boots, Vanessa Mooney necklaces
I’m collaborating with Forever 21 to bring you the best of my hood and of NYC (in my opinion). I’m a Brooklyn girl at heart and I love everything about my neighborhood and the surrounding areas, but I go all around the city. Every weekend ends up turning into an excursion to someplace new. Uptown. Downtown. Queens. LES. You might even find me down on Wall Street for a hot second. Every single part of the city has something special and outstanding, and I love each nook of the city for its uniqueness. Today, I start with Bushwick, a part of BK just east of where I live in East Williamsburg. Bushwick may sound familiar to those of you who don’t know Brooklyn too well, but watch the show GIRLS. Yes there are epic warehouse parties, lots of kids on bikes, and yup the boys are extra cute here and like to cuff their jeans at the hem and wear their baseball caps backwards. It’s grungy and creative feeling, with colorful graffiti painted walls lining nearly every block, and hidden coffee shops where you least expect them to be. Varet Street is one of my favorite streets in this neck of the woods because everything I need and love is just on this street or at least a block away in all directions. Tutu’s, my favorite brunch spot and late night dance hangout as I shown in my earlier post, my favorite vintage/consignment store Fox & Fawn (their other awesome location is in Greenpoint, BK), Angel Noir Cafe for a rocking sandwich for lunch or to go see an intimate show at night, Big Tree Bottles wine shop for a superbly curated selection of high and low priced wine, and then there is the famous pizza joint Roberta’s just down the street (another memorable location from an episode of GIRLS). What more could a Brooklyn girl ask for? 
It was freezing cold this fine Sunday afternoon after a heart brunch at Tutu’s and quick trip to Fox & Fawn for some vintage threads, but I decided to skip the coat for these pictures. Can’t you tell that I am SO OVER WINTER???? More to come with my local spot tour in NYC with Forever 21 🙂
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