February 24, 2014

Natalie and I are really passionate about supporting up-and-coming brands we believe in and are truly inspired by. And especially brands that we feel are really pushing boundaries within the industry. NOE Undergarments is one of these brands. Our friend Bonnie Rae, who we have known for quite a few years via Volcom, started a beautiful designer intimate brand with her twin sister Shelah Jean. Bonnie lives in Southern California, while Shelah is based out of Hawaii. Together they work together to create a masterpiece collection of lingerie styles called NOE. When I wear NOE I feel like a true woman, but best of all I feel like a true modern woman. Futuristic almost. Maybe one with super powers?? NOE takes classic shapes and updates them in luxurious, feel good on your skin fabrics that are like a delicate and ballerina-esque take on armor. Interesting cutouts and cool, defined lines that make you rethink how you are meant to be wearing lingerie. NOE debuted with perfect timing, just as the fashion world was looking at lingerie as more than just underwear, but also as outerwear. When you wear NOE, you don’t want to hide it, you want to debut it, show it off, give a little nudge that you’ve got something special going on with a little wink wink thrown in. NOE supports and feels extra luxurious, but it doesn’t reshape you into something you’re not. It amplifies what you already are. My sister and I aren’t push-up bra girls, and we love that NOE currently has a no heavy padding rule. Flat chested girls rejoice and embrace your flatness! It’s a beautiful thing, too! Rather than focusing on cleavage, NOE focuses on the details that make the act of wearing lingerie a literal act of art. Quilted trimming here, a cool cutout there, a mesh insert at that corner, a cage-like back on top. I almost want to frame up each piece in my room. I would if I wasn’t so tempted to throw them on underneath everything I own, and especially with my sheer and low-cut pieces. Sexy lingerie straps are my new accessory, and NOE knows how to do them right.

Natalie and I photographed each other one gloomy yet light scattered afternoon in our favorite NOE pieces. This is how we envision what the NOE Undergarments girl is:  dreamy, wild, delicate, confident and multi-directional.

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