Starry Eyed

May 8, 2014
The city and subways are already starting to feel sweaty again, and memories from last summer are rushing back at a torrential pace. The official season of the summer dress is just around the corner. I remember my very first real summer in NYC, when I was just 15 years old. In the midst of a sticky July. The pavement vibrating with rising heat. Newspapers used as fans rather than the bearer of news. The sound of the air conditioner becoming such a constant hum that it works its way into the music playing from the boom box sitting on the stoop down the street. Those are the NYC summer memories I have. Childish, starry-eyed dreams of play and laughter and then more play that never seem like they will ever see the day it might all cease. Endless summer. That one Alice Cooper song. 
Excited to throw on a dress, not just for the memories, but also for the statement. Diesel’s D-Thara dress from the brand’s Stars and Indigo collection knows exactly how to get noticed. Dressing to dream. Dreaming to dress. This is what this dress tells me. A layer of tulle better suited for ballet class than a stroll through Central Park, and a cluster of denim stars that keep on rising upwards because there is no reason for them to be looking down. 
Summer is the time to keep our heads in the clouds and the stars in our eyes, or in this case, on what we wear. 
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