All Around The Playground

May 16, 2014

Free People vintage rock tee dress, Chaser Brand leather jacket, Siwy jeans, Modern Vice boots, Vans beanie
Happy Friday ya’ll. Oh what a week. Still getting used to working on my own schedule now that I’m freelancing, but it’s been extremely rejuvenating. A normal day for me now can be comprised of bopping around from client meetings to press previews, photographing a lovely person in the morning and then my outfit in the afternoon, pulling looks for an upcoming shoot, getting back to emails in a timely manner and scheduling a week full of posts. Look forward to expect regular posts from me on the Forever 21 blog, as well! I have some fun ideas up my sleeve 🙂 Networking and creating ideas in my head to bring to life is just part of my everyday now, and I feel so lucky to be able to say this. 
I feel like I’ve come to a point in my life to really test myself and to let my ideas run wild. It’s about time.

So cheers to freedom and baring a little belly on a rainy spring afternoon. YOLO.