The Flamingo

May 19, 2014

Shakuhachi dress from REVOLVE, Missguided jacket, Vintage boots
Today is a little crazy since I’m styling a shoot in Coney Island this afternoon and I’m still pulling some last minute looks and accessories for it. I’m really excited about it because our two models are gorgeous and I can’t wait to dress them up 🙂 Think lots of mixed prints, quirky retro-inspired cuts and lots of color. This shoot is going to be a celebration of the summer to come! Pretty girls and pretty things and the art of being 16 again. 
In other news, just came back from a weekend in Connecticut for the first time with my sister and friend Kiara, and had a blast chilling out in the middle of the woods, BBQing, playing with Kiara’s German Shepherd, hitting up the beach and local spots, and other fun things one does while in Connecticut. Stamford, CT was full of trees, large shingled homes with contrasting shutter windows and so much open space. I fell in love. It was nice to take a breather from the city for a day and a half. We danced in the woods like fairy children a good portion of our time, but then again, we do that everywhere we happen to be. See a bit of our weekend captured with the Videofyme app below:

Also, I finally saw the movie Ghost (shocked that I haven’t seen this before since I’m such a die hard 80’s movie fan) and am now declaring my love once again for Patrick Swayze. Such a good flick. Fresh-faced Demi Moore. Thrilling twists. But really it was Whoopi Goldberg who stole the show. While watching we sipped Baileys and nibbled on spicy dark chocolates with tissues nearby in case we needed a good cry session during pivotal parts of the movie. I recommend all who have not added it to their movie queue to do so right now.

I have a busy week ahead, so it looks like I’m going to have to wear this hot pink again to keep me going 🙂