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June 2014


June 30, 2014

It’s about time for another music post. Decided to share them via Youtube videos for ya’ll this time around. From psychedelic rock to Brazilian samba, I’m always listening to something new and a little unique. Currently obsessed with Hozier’s Take Make To Church. Hozier’s deep drawl is some rich and his tone so personal and emotionally charged. You can’t help but want him to keep singing to you. Take a listen below to all my faves from this past month and let me know what you think. 


Farmer’s Tan

June 29, 2014

Citizens of Humanity overalls (SHOP HERE)
Free People Open Shoulder Strappy Ruffle Top (SHOP HERE)
Birkenstock sandals (SHOP HERE)
Vanessa Mooney bracelets
There’s something liberating about throwing on a baggy pair of overalls and calling it a day, all while still feeling like a girl through and through. This airy denim number doesn’t suffocate in the summer, making my denim obsession that much easier to prolong this season. Now who wants to go for a road trip to upstate New York with me? I think my overalls and and far-more-pronounced-than-last-summer’s farmer’s tan are going to fit right in. Always dreaming for an escape for the city every now and then.


June 25, 2014

6 Shore Road romper (shop similar swimsuit HERE), Love and Leather necklace
Take my back to the desert. I don’t need anything else but hot open space and knowing that any direction I turn is the right one. Summertime is the season of easy going rompers. Just one step babies that get you out the door fast and looking fab. Prints are my favorite thing about putting on a romper. Nearly anything works. In this case, it’s the print of repeating butterflies. This sounds absolutely crazy, but I’ve had a fear since childhood of butterflies. I inspected a butterfly up close and personal one day as a kid and the hairy bugger revolted me so much that I always ran away whenever one was near ever since. But I think this fear is slowly lifting. Like a bird, there is something freeing about the idea of a butterfly, or anything that can take flight for that matter. So I’ll learn to love the insect, as long as it looks pretty on my romper as I frolic through the desert heat.

Natalie and I will be heading to Miami for Swim Week next month with 6 Shore Road, so be sure to keep checking back to catch us on our adventure 🙂

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Local Eats | House of Small Wonder

June 24, 2014

Brooklyn is probably one of my favorite places to go out and get some delicious food, and I’m not just saying that because I live in Brooklyn (Williamsburg to be exact). But there really is an amazingly widespread selection of super cute restaurants and coffee shops that I’ve discovered in the past year of me being a Brooklynite. House of Small Wonder is one of these fab discoveries. This small and charming coffee shop/sit-down eatery makes you feel like you are literally sitting in a tree house. The window panels on the ceilings let a bunch of natural light in, and there is a tree growing straight through the middle of the restaurant. Inspired by European cafes, but with a very zen, Japanese style influence thrown into the mix, House of Small Wonder makes for quite the unique lunch/late lunch experience. I say lunch because it closes at 7pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends. The menu is quite extraordinary, as well. Every dish is an interesting fusion of all sorts of cultures. Everything I’ve tried so far has been out of this world divine tasting. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich Plate is one of my favorite dishes (see above). The chicken literally melts in your mouth, and the bread is slathered in the one of the most savory mayo spreads I’ve ever tried. A side of tomato salad is a refresher in between ever bite, which is basically heaven. Trust me. 
House of Small Wonder
77 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY
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