Where Do We Go From Here . . .

June 11, 2014

I cut my hair . . .

Just kidding!

The hair-in-sweater look is a good one though. I still contemplate sometimes chopping it to shoulder length, like I did over two years ago. But my messy un-brushable hair is such a fun accessory to head bang with. Wind in hair. I’m going to make sure I’m chilling on plenty of rooftops this summer just for this reason.

Looking down on the city from the perspective above is pretty mind blowing when you get to that moment of realizing (over and over and over again) that you live in such an amazing city. Foot traffic made by characters from all walks of earth. Lights flickering in the never ending distance at night reminding you that the world is so much bigger than the bubble of your own. So many different things happening in such a close capacity. It’s all a little too much to handle sometimes, but really we are all here because we thrive off the hecticness. The bodies and personalities and events that surround us at all times in this city. The unexpectedness around each corner. The realization that you are running to catch the subway but really you have no reason to rush at all. But the go go go of the city pushes you to do so. But up on that rooftop, stepping away from it all for even just a few minutes, you get to breathe a little more. Removing yourself from the city, even in just altitude, can give you perspective. You’re just a small pea in a big old pod. The thump of your heart starts to match the buzz of early evening Manhattan traffic. And you really hear it. The love/hate relationship one has with the city is an emotional stir that keeps us testing ourselves time and time again. Without that struggle, we probably wouldn’t want to be here in the first place. I’ve only been here for almost a year, but I know that’s why I’m here.

What I’m Wearing:

Lovers and Friends sweater | Forever 21 skirt | Vanessa Mooney necklace