Beneath the Black

July 2, 2014

H&M blouse
Modern Vice boots
Vanessa Mooney bracelets
For those of you who have read my blog a year ago, or even farther back, know that I’m not usually a head-to-toe black sort of gal. It’s always been a look I appreciated and loved on others, but rarely something I sported often myself because I never though it fit my personality well. I didn’t want to come across too serious or too boring . . . or too emotional. But here I am in NYC, in black from head-to-toe, and I feel completely like myself. It’s funny how things change. 

Black has always been the distinguishable color of the NYC fashion girl. The girl on the go. The strategic dresser with barely any time to spare, but who parties until dawn until she wakes up the next morning and does it all over again. And with a tweak of the sleeve, it’s as if she has a brand new all black outfit on. Hey, I’m a fashion girl, too, but I never wanted a color to define who I was. And for that reason I made it a point to stray from the black and wear everything and anything else but it. But, as I am always finding out, as you grow to find your rhythm in a new city, you find yourself unconsciously conforming to certain things you never thought you would before. 

And now it all makes sense to me . . .  why black works so well in NYC. Maybe you choose black to disguise yourself before the coffee kicks in on the subway ride to work in the morning. Maybe you love how the shapes of what you wear stand out a thousand times more in all black, and you love the idea that it does so. Maybe the room listens to you far more attentively when you wear it than when you don’t wear it. See, very strategic. Maybe black is just EASY, and you don’t really care who is judging you because of this reason.
Strategy, conformity, practicality, accessibility, creativity. Choose to wear the colors you want for any reason you want. No one will or should judge.