Disposable Moments | Part 1

July 8, 2014
I’m the girl who randomly busts out the disposable camera at a party, digging it out from the bottom of my purse and having it ready to attack when the moment seems right. The candidness of having just a one-second, luck of the draw chance to capture a memory gives me a free sailing feeling. Whether the picture comes out exactly how I thought it would, or exactly the opposite, it still feels absolutely right. Because it is so raw. So unthought out almost. Even the ones where I’m showing all teeth and totally cheesing. The above are just a few of the scattered memories from the past 6 months. It’s always fun for me to develop these (at the same time as I burn a hole in my wallet) and see what has been captured. Some forgotten from drunken summer days and some that bring detailed flashbacks of hysterical highlights from certain events. I like to remember the reason why I took a certain picture, or maybe I will contemplate if a moment should have even been captured at all. And then sometimes I just want to sit back and appreciate a good, all for fun picture and call it a day. Snap snap.