Into the Heights

July 9, 2014

Paige denim overalls (SHOP HERE)
Johnny Was top
UGG sandals
Vanessa Mooney choker
Threadsence coin necklace
Brooklyn Heights is one of my favorite places to visit in my favorite borough on the weekends. There’s just something so old school, so charming, and so stoic about the calm and quiet streets of Brooklyn Heights. Every stoop has its own unique personality, each standing out with its distinguishable assortment of flower pots, ivy and decorative vintage bikes. The neighborhood smells of warm bread, even in the summertime. Every window pane tells a story and every door knob has a tale to top it. Bricks painted blue or left a classic burnt red. A picturesque view that makes walking down the street that much more imaginative and like something out of a childhood novel. It was the first neighborhood I ever experienced in NYC when I was 15 and first visited this fine city. And every time I come back I still get that exact same feeling of awe to go along with an emotional rush forward in life to me as a grown up, settled down and pushing a baby to my Brooklyn Heights brownstone with a little red welcoming door. Now that’s a story for ya!
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