Minneapolis with Nicole Miller

July 23, 2014
PAIGE jeans
Vintage belt
BC Footwear leather shoes
Last Tuesday (was it really not that long ago?) was super special. I spent the day with my good friend and fellow blogger Kiara of the blog Tobruck Ave in Minneapolis for the annual MLB All Star Game, in collaboration with Nicole Miller. Many of the baseball star wive’s were dressed in Nicole Miller for the All Star parade that kicked off the game earlier in the day. Every NM-clad wife looked stunning. I sported this Jimi Hendrix approved, 70s-style printed blouse by Nicole Miller for the midday festivities before heading to the pre-game party. This blouse represents everything about my taste in clothing. The shape, the movement, the wild print that makes you want to look through kaleidoscope glasses. I got to say, this look drew quite the attention from the locals (the majority decked out in red, white and blue baseball gear), but hey, that’s just how I roll. Fitting in goes against my rule book. 
All in all, Minneapolis was a wonderful city full of All American spirit, lots of smiles and TONS of baseball. Even though I spent less than 24 hours there, I left with a positive impression and a sparked curiosity that calls for another trip back someday soon. 
Stay tuned. More to come from my Minneapolis MLB trip with Nicole Miller soon!
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