F21xMe | 2 Ways To Wear Hoop Earrings

September 5, 2014

I recently got back into wearing earrings a few months ago, ever since getting a second hole in my left earlobe. It’s been quite the fun extra touch to my outfits! But then I thought to myself, since I’m already on a roll, why not go even bigger and even better? Like J. Lo status, but maybe even a tad bit bigger. This simple yet outstanding pair of hoops from Forever 21 caught my eye at the store one day while I was visiting for a press preview. I’ve never been one to get down with the hoops that much, but I thought it’d be fun to see how I could make them work with my personal style, which as many of you know is endlessly changing. So here you go, two ways to wear oversized hoop earrings, thanks to Forever 21. 
The first look is a nod to the 60s with the mini dress and tall boots. I feel like a go-go dancer with a touch of 90s (hence, the choker necklace that I never take off). Dress and hoops earrings from Forever 21.
The second look is far more 70s Cali skater chick. I might not have pink hair, but I’m sporting a crop top and was inspired by 90s Gwen Stefani to do so. That chick is just way too cool. Tank top and hoops from Forever 21.

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