Beauty Files | That Smokey Eye

January 15, 2015
Guess what guys?? 2015 is going to bringing on a whole new lot of beauty content on the blog. Get ready to get puuuurtyyyyy. Basically flaunt what you got, just accentuate it! Excited to start sharing some easy girl-on-the-go makeup looks that you don’t have to be a makeup pro to do yourself. Because trust me, if I can do it, you can, too. Let’s start the year off with something subtle yet smokey. I’ve always admired the Hollywood actresses who rock the red carpet with a sexy yet perfect swipe of charcoal across their lids. Sadly, I’ve never before been able to recreate the look in quite the same way myself. I always just ended up looking messy, undone and a little bruised. AKA not cute. So I veered away from doing up the eyes too dark, even on nights when I’ve wanted to feel a little sexier than usual. 
So here is my latest attempt, and I think I’ve finally found the key to smokey eye happiness! Thank’s to L’Oreal’s Infallible Smokissime powder eyeliner. The sponge dip applicator makes it super easy. I use the tip of the point applicator to add a darker swipe of black along my lash line. Then I use the side of the applicator (which acts like a smudger) to gently blend the color upwards towards the outer points of my eyes. You can use your finger, as well, if you want to be even more careful and to have more control over the intensity of the smokey look. And the color didn’t move at all throughout the day thanks to some Smashbox primer on my lids (helps keep the level of grease down). 
A swipe of super sheer nude gloss, full brows and a natural glow on the cheeks with a baked blush is all I need to finish off the look. 
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And there you go! A subtly intense smokey eye that translates well for both day and night, depending on the lip you go for! Stay tuned for the next issue of Beauty Files!