Basic Non-Basic

February 9, 2015
Stylestalker blazer // SHOP HERE
Cynthia Vincent velvet tank
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Vintage leather belt
Vintage necklace
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Hey ya’ll. Back from a pretty busy and hectic weekend that came after a busy and hectic week that involved me crashing in Hell’s Kitchen for the majority of the time. Now fashion week is literally a few days away, my throat is scratchy from a cough that hit me out of nowhere a few days ago, my mind is working in overdrive, and I have nothing in my refrigerator STILL. No time for downtime and I’m having a hard time remembering what I did two days ago, yet I remember perfectly everything that happened exactly 35 days ago. Something weird with that correct? I guess that’s what happens right after a new year begins. An explosion of things you think you prepped yourself for in the first few days of the year, but then you get slapped hard in the face as soon as you put your head down. Yikes. 
I want my days leading up to fashion week to be as simple and level headed as possible before I thrust myself into the erosion of what everyone in the industry is like during this time of the year: bat shit cray. Where street style photographer hungry clowns parade the west side of the city in chunky heels to go along with exposed ankles in the slush, and “everyone” thinks they are “everyone”. The majority of the madness flies over my head and I just get around doing what I need to do in my bubble of Dylana-ness, but sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in the swing of things. Although swing isn’t exactly the right word to use. It sounds quite too smooth. 
So here you go. An outfit more on the basic side of things before everything purposefully get a little bit too non-basic. 

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