Light vs. Dark

February 26, 2015

Sabrina SL jewelry
Played around with the shadows one day with my little sister Natalie and our friend Sabrina who made all the jewelry featured here in this little photo set. It’s the best feeling in the world to be surrounded by people you are inspired by constantly, and whom let you know how much you yourself inspire them. There’s something so dramatic about the idea of light vs. dark, as well as the union of the two. Light . . . airy, innocent, fresh. Dark . . . sexy, smoldering, intense. I think every person has full access to both sides within them, no matter how much they show themselves to be on the exterior. The final product just depends on how much of each is channeled. The best way to start is by letting down your inhibitions. I know that both light and dark live within me, and only those closest to me see all my sides, and understand where they come from. There’s a huge side of me that is made up of things that are light. My friends and family and work keep me forever smiling. I find a reason to laugh over just about everything. I never take myself too seriously. Nothing really feels like the end of the world to me. I like to make sure that everyone is included, and that I get to hear all stories before putting down any sort of judgement. On top of that, I am very accepting of all kinds of people, even if they are completely opposite of me. I’m a Libra through and through, and it takes a lot to really kick me off balance. 
But I do topple over about some things. And when I do, I usually I topple over pretty hard. At least for a little while. Really it’s not a negative thing. I’m just known to be a very passionate person. And it usually just means that when I put a lot of energy into something that strays from my normal routine, I expect a lot back. And if I find myself not feeling like I’m getting back what I put in, my darker, more emotionally contemplative side comes out. Sometimes I sound crazy. And I even start to act crazy. And you’re done if I’m on my period. But I get over it fast, and I find ways to grow and move on, as opposed to staying put and pondering in misery. The best way for me to get over my darker days is with a whole lot of hope. And a whole lot of writing. And probably some water coloring. Oh, and a few glasses of wine. The turning of pages is the best remedy in some cases. And this way, my dark side turns into something more creative. So in the end, I usually do still end up winning. It’s all about how you think about things. I could never have my light without my dark. And vice versa. We need the full spectrum to be a full person, so try not to try so hard being someone you are not. Just keep yourself in check.