Shot By Me | Starfish Part 1

April 5, 2015
Featuring Alon Livne dresses
Another collaborative shoot with my sister Natalie as model, our dear friend Rebecca Flam as stylist/hair/makeup artist, and me as photographer. We packed up a bunch of haute couture dresses and took for Breezy Beach in Queens, NYC. It was just the beginning of winter when we shot these pictures, so a chill was definitely pinching the air, but Natalie was such a trooper with her bare arms and feet. We wanted to do something more dramatic and sophisticated, but that still infused that bohemian touch that Natalie and I adore so much. I think we captured exactly what we were aiming for. Tiny dancer on the beach, living out her dreams of access to a treasure trove of gowns fit for a princess. Living for the sunsets and the sand between her toes. Without a care in the world that the hems of her dresses are splashes with the sea. That’s freedom right there.