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July 2015

Alexa Chung x AG Jeans

July 31, 2015
Sister Jane top // SHOP HERE
Alexa Chung x AG “The Sabine” jeans // SHOP HERE
Birkenstock sandals // SHOP HERE
Sabrina SL leather choker // SHOP HERE
My denim choice of the summer has officially been found and I am not taking it off. The new Alexa Chung collection for AG Jeans is mind blowing. I slipped into The collection’s Sabine style and knew instantly that I had found a winner. My very first blog post EVER way back during my last year in college was actually about Alexa Chung as a style inspiration (before she was all over the fashion magazines). I wish I still had that post up just so you guys could see! Today, my jeans are designed by her. One of my favorite style icons for years and one of my favorite denim brands . . . can’t get much better and smarter than that combination at all. Impeccable rise (right below my belly button), the perfect cropped length, and just the right amount of stretch that my bum feels and looks like its having the raddest day ever. Check, check and check. 

Sea of Love

July 29, 2015
Converse sneakers // SHOP HERE
Crap Eyewear sunglasses // SHOP SIMILAR

Long lost images from my Fourth of July weekend in Montauk. Montauk Point Lighthouse is one of my favorite places in all of Long Island. The sea here has so much richness and texture and tonal ambiguities to it. Each rock and pebble tells a unique story. Together, layered upon each other, their stories weave in and out like something out of a dream. I can’t take my eyes off of any of it. 

The way the water looks and feels here is so romantic to me. Both calm and eager. Held back yet bursting at the seams at the same time. It reminds me so much of one of my favorite Cat Power songs. If you follow me on Twitter (or Spotify), you’ll know how much of a Cat Power fan I am. When I get nostalgic, Cat Power is the first thing I turn on to match the melody of my mood. I have recently made a point to start practicing this one song on my dusty acoustic guitar that I am actually quite lousy at playing, just so I can strum and sing it for the boy that I will truly fall in love with someday. 

Come with me 
My love to the sea 
The sea of love 

I wanna tell you 
How much 
I love you

Do you remember 
When we met, that’s the day 
I knew you were my pet?

I wanna tell you 
How much 
I love you

Come with me 
My love to the sea 
The sea of love 

I wanna tell you 
How much 
I love you
– Cat Power cover of Sea of Love (originally by Phil Phillips)

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Focus on the Good!

July 28, 2015

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” – Denis Waitley

I found this quote online somewhere, and it really stuck with me. It’s quite fitting since I’m always thinking about happiness and the amount of times it fluctuates in my life. Throughout the month. Throughout the week. Throughout the day. I have come to realize that just because one can feel a whole lot of other emotions that are a far cry from anything remotely close to being called happy, that doesn’t mean that the pursuit of happiness has to be put on the back burner. Society has molded us into a type of people that far too easily allows the negative in our lives to overwhelm and hinder our overall wellbeing. The news. Expectations from our parents and our career goals. We allow stress and anxiety to conquer us in a swift second. Our jobs. Our rent. Our commutes. Our relationships that have gone sour. New relationships that make us walk on eggshells. Just choosing a damn place for dinner. Yes, all these things get the best of me sometimes, but not as often as they used to. And it wasn’t a mindset that changed overnight. It was actually something I worked towards. I worked to regularly remind myself to stay conscious of my feelings, and I forced myself to keep tabs on the positive side of things for a change instead. Slowly over time, it got easier to see things on the brighter side. And I always try to remind my friends and family the same thing. I want to enjoy and experience the best parts of the people in my life, as I hope they are able to enjoy and experience the best parts of me. It just makes sense. But it isn’t always an easy task. So now allow me to make some lists.

Things that make me unhappy:

Crowded subways
Unkind actions
Hurtful words
Children crying
Shoes that make my feet hurt
Horrible bosses
Stray animals
Douchebag guys
Single-minded people
People who never smile
War and death
Paper cuts
Low self-confidence

Things that make my happy:

My family and friends
A really spectacular hamburger
The Manhattan skyline
Live music
Dance parties on rooftops
Skype sessions with Mom and Dad
Peach nail polish
Choker necklaces
Cheap Chinatown massages
Belgian beer
Colorful flowers
Pictures of Cuba
Sheer cotton peasant blouses
Music Festivals
Bike riding
The feeling of sand beneath my feet

Now that I look back on this list, I can see that a lot of these things on the lists are tangible and material. This quote is a reminder that despite the things we literally have in our hands (or don’t), it can never measure up to the experiences that are impressionable on us for far longer than a quick moment, or a trip to the shopping mall for that matter. I have a place to live. I have pretty clothes to put on my body. I have money to fill my belly with wonderful things. I have access to a lot of THINGS. Which is nice, but it’s not what is the source of my happiness and inspirations. Especially since I didn’t always have some of these things. The true source of happiness I have come to find, comes from the people who have made an impression on my soul and life decisions. The people I love unconditionally and have gotten to know personally. Who have gone through the ups and downs with me, and have reflected on them with me. Those who I will be paving my future with and looking back on where we came from with fond feelings of both heartache and joy. Those who have joined me on travels to wonderful places and have made memories to laugh and cry about forever and ever. Those who make me want to smile more, follow my heart, do better and go above and beyond the ordinary. 

When something has me feeling down, irritated, annoyed, unhappy, nervous, lacking in confidence, bored, like I’m missing out or just completely off balance, I just think of these people and these experiences and the feeling of love that I get from them on a daily basis, and everything else fades. Even on my shittiest days full of long subway rides and obnoxious people and heavy air. Only the good remains, and the good is what keeps me going. The literal things don’t matter. It’s spiritual connections and the gratefulness for the strength if these connections. I hope these are the types of good things that keep you going, too. 

In the words of my favorite girl band, First Aid Kit, “And it’s one life, and it’s this life, and it’s beautiful.” 


Le Supermarket

July 27, 2015
Finders Keepers top // SHOP SIMILAR
AYR jeans
Converse sneakers // SHOP HERE
Joy Gryson leather backpack // SHOP HERE
Free People sunglasses // SHOP HERE
One recent day spent in Astoria, Queens was enough for me to want to venture back to explore even more sometime very, very soon. My sister and I came to do some work in a music studio (yes, we have some fun musical things in the works) and we got some time to walk around before and after our session. I was so hungry (don’t ever leave a sister hungry) and went on the hunt for something to stop the stomach pangs. I found myself in a random deli across the street and got one of the best deli sandwiches I’ve ever had in all of NYC. And the man who assembled my sandwich was awesome and totally loved me so much that he gave me extra bacon. Extra bacon people! He asked where we were from because he’s never seen us in the deli before and he hoped we would come back again soon for his sandwiches “made from love.” 🙂 Will do sir! I still can’t believe that this has only been my second trip to Astoria EVER. I picked up some fruits from this colorful supermarket before heading back into Manhattan; souvenirs from our trip to a borough that will remind us of the friendly faces we had the pleasure of encountering throughout our day. A day spread out so simply yet so full of life. And one that was quite delicious, as well. 

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