Valley Dweller

January 27, 2016



Dolce & Gabbana jacket // SHOP SIMILAR
American Threads top
Forever 21 suede skirt
Rag & Bone boots // SHOP SIMILAR


One of theย best things about growing up in the valley is all the space one finds one’s self in. In all directions. So much open space. Much of it left unused and barren, until someone like me comes in and takes a whirl around the place. I can close my eyes and imagine myself in a faraway dessert somewhere in Morocco. Blue skies all around me. Dry heat rustling threw the hairs on my arms. If I squint even harder, maybe the dry bush starts to look a little more like supple cacti full of water. I can run and run and not look back. And no one will wonder where I am. Or who I am. It’s a nice feeling sometimes . . . being in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by neutralness. You can make it turn into anything you want if you really want to. In NYC, we get so used to living in limited quarters. Space is precious and it is hard to come by. Appreciate the days when you can have all the space in the world and breathing free is not an issue. These are the days that are truly something special. Now go with it . . .