Revolved Around The Accessories

February 24, 2016



Bella and Chloe vintage Navajo ring
Sabrina SL leather wrap choker
Katie Diamond blue stone earring
Vintage black fringe earrings
Sabrina SL silver heart ring
Minkpink tank top
Vintage Wrangler jeans
Zara shoes

I’m very much an accessories girl, which is funny because in high school, and even college, I was definitely NOT. I think it was because my wardrobe back then was so damn color and pattern heavy that anything extra would have seemed a bit obscene. Today, my style has naturally evolved and matured . . . although still hanging onto long threads of what I was drawn to in the past yet with enough room for extra embellishments in the form of silver and gold colored metals. My jewelry rack is pretty jam packed, but there are a few pieces that I put on first thing in the morning on the regular. They are featured in this post. The act of putting them on is second nature to me . . . I don’t even have to think about it. On they go, and no matter what I am wearing, the look feels totally complete. They are like my personalized finishing touches. I feel naked without them. They are such mood lifters for me, especially on days when I am dressed down due to being strapped for time. Accessories make all the difference. Approach your days like you approach your jewelry . . . by not being afraid of the extra flourishes that add character and personality.