March ’16 Music Playlist

March 4, 2016

playlist-march2016I’ve been on a lot of airplanes these past two months. Traveling is such a pleasure of mine, but it’s the process of getting there that can be a bit of a pain. But I try to make the most of my time, making sure I pack a good book in case the plane doesn’t have any movie options. And if the movie options are there, but they happen to suck, well then I always have music as my back up. Music is the best form of entertainment for me no flights,┬áproviding a soundtrack not just for my thoughts but also for the book I happen to be lost in. Here is a new playlist of songs that I haven’t been able to stop putting on repeat. Lots of new artists I have been discovering these past few weeks who I am excited to share with you all. Get your headphones on and start listening . . .