Pura Vida

May 27, 2016

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Gentle Fawn button front shirt
Kore Swim one-piece swimsuit
Brixton hat

Fresh off the plane from Costa Rica and back in my original jungle. It felt a bit weird to step off a plane directly into an uber heading the way home after spending a week in a jungle so different from where I came from. But man was it refreshing. I didn’t realize how much my body was quenching for the “Pura Vida” lifestyle of Costa Rica until I actually got there. We spent the first half on Peninsula Papagayo at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, and then the second half in La Fortuna at Nayara Springs. The air was warm and heavy as it settled onto my skin as soon as I stepped off the plane . . . an instantaneous comfort blanket that lullabied me to sleep at night. The buzzing of cicadas at night and the signing of birds and flowing water in the morning. The fresh ocean water sprinkled across my face mixed in with me perspiration . . . that was my makeup for my long and slow days in Costa Rica. I liked the way it felt to have nature on my body. Just as much as I liked the way it felt to have nature below my feet. And all around me. As soon as the sun rose and far after it set, I didn’t once not pay respect to the beauty of this wonderful country with charming people who had wide smiles and sparkling eyes that carried a love for their homeland. Why leave Costa Rica when everything they ever need is there? Volcanoes in the distance are reminders of the magic happening below our peaceful soles. A daily forecast that is both unexpected and adventurous, broken up by heavy rain showers that add to the lush sensibility and physicality of this country. One must love adventure to love Costa Rica, and I am more than fine with that. I went outside my comfort zone during this trip, and what was scary before to me is now a part of me. The adrenaline rush that I got after flying fast above treetops is something I already feel myself craving. The way the surfboard slip from under my feet. The way endless feet of ocean moved beneath my legs as I swam to shore. I welcomed all of these unexpected things on this trip. I embraced the slowness of a life that moves like heated air but that can be shaken up by the waves at any instant. I could get used to that kind of balanced life.

** Images taken at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica on Peninsula Papagayo

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