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July 2016

Still Keeping My Cool

July 28, 2016


C/MEO Collective top available at Fashion Bunker
Citizens of Humanity denim skirt
Sol-Sana leather sandals
Vintage neck scarf

The city is literally melting and the heat doesn’t seem to have any sort of end in sight. But rather than let it get the best of me, I’m allowing myself to embrace it. All of it. The sweat and the grime. The multiple showers a day. The lethargic feeling that is given to time as it passes, and the way that I move my feet as I walk the city because taking the subway is steamier than ever right now. Slow as a snail. This is the first summer in a while that I haven’t complained about the weather in a miserable way. The first time that I haven’t allowed it to put a dent in my mood. Yes, I will always notice that it is there, but it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. Instead, it feels good to ease into something warm. It actually acts as a reminder to slow down and take things easy. The summer heat sizzles in front of my face and tells me to relax. Much like a hot stone massage. I finally tell myself that I can write those emails first thing in the morning instead late on a Sunday night. I’ll cook a meal with the window open, but I cook it slow and take breaks in-between, because in the summer there is not set time for dinner. Every single hour is the same. Morning, day or night. The differences all blur together, and it doesn’t matter if you eat breakfast for lunch or dinner for breakfast. Normal rules stop applying. Rules are good, but sometimes it’s good to let things slide. And the summer heat is the perfect excuse to literally take things one step at a time. At any time. Or actually, with no time in mind at all. Shoulder bare. Hair undone. Feet in the easiest shoes I have, my slides. Everything thrown all jumbled up into my biggest bag, because I have  no care in the world to organize it all to fit into something smaller. Call me lazy? Nah, just call me drunk off summer.









Extraordinary, Like Poetry

July 26, 2016


“Don’t ever say you are an ordinary person having no attractive personality. Remember that Poetries is written in black, and still it possesses the power to fill our hearts with its millions of color.” – found quote

Summer, I have found, brings to life the ordinary. A weekend of secluded swimming holes, hikes with no end in sight, wine on the hammock, crossing streams in flip flops, vegan pasta in Woodstock, the sound of waterfalls from our right side or maybe our left (it’s hard to tell), listening to Britney Spears in the car, deer running alongside us wondering what we are, heavy sleeps in our simple little cabin, banana pancakes, mosquito bites on our faces that swell up ten times. It all felt extraordinary.



** Photos by Gabriel Honzik


Metallic on the Streets | Express Edition Collection

July 25, 2016



Express Edition Collection sequined jacket // SHOP HERE
Express tank top // SHOP HERE
Express hoop earrings // SHOP HERE

There’s something so timeless about mixing casual with glamourous. It’s like being a disco ball in a barnyard. It’s all about being in the mindset of being able to bring the party anywhere you want. The contrast just works. The new Express Edition Collection has so many pieces that play into this balancing act of easy & cool with sophisticated & fancy. It’s EXPRESS at a whole new elevated level. Maybe a little bit more grown up. But still appealing to the young and modern. My personal style, if defined by cities and boroughs, is a mix of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Los Angeles. I find parts of my personality and tastes scattered all over the places I’ve been to, and the places that I am rooted in the most. I like to go out and dance until I physically can’t anymore (NYC made me do it). But I also wouldn’t mind the option of finding a desolate beach somewhere to lay down at and read a book (that’s my Southern California roots). I love the effortless feel of denim on my skin, but I also love how red lipstick and some metallics or sequins can spruce me up. It’s like taking on a part of a vixen character. Playing pretend is very fashionable, just so you know. This sequined Express Edition Collection jacket makes me feel like Coco Chanel at the height of her career. But at the same time, these jeans make me feel like the girlfriend of one of the Z Boys in Venice Beach. I like to mix red wine and beer. You get what I’m saying? Taking two worlds, and making them collide . . . now that’s what I love most about getting dressed in the morning.

Check out more from the new Express Edition Collection.

Which are your faves?












New Summer Top 5 Essentials

July 22, 2016



Gypsea bikini

1. Beauty for Real for Aerie Sea Salt + Marine Water Styling Spray
always easy to use and always reliable for sexy, messy hair. i bring it with me to the beach and spray throughout the day, or in the morning on wet hair and let it air drive. easy peasy.

2. Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion
i never thought i’d be into super shimmery skin again since i was 10 years old, but this one is so subtle and makes me feel so smooth. it really makes all the difference on my bare legged days!

3. Murad InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask
my one major issue in the summer is oily skin, which in my case can lead to annoying breakouts when i want them the least! this mask takes care of it all by dissolving oil and preventing breakouts. it gives a nice tingle, too.

4. Bliss Fabulips sugar lip scrub
i thought i only had to worry about dry, flaky lips in the winter, but it happens in the summer, too. especially when you have a cute boy around that you always want to kiss. i noticed my lips being dry, and needed a quick resolution. this scrub is so fun to use with the battery-run lip exfoliating tool. it really takes the flake away and the end result is bee stung, soft lips.

5. L’Oreal Invisible Protect Clear Finish Spray 70
i swear that i cannot survive summer without this spray on SPF. i like to go for the big numbers for ultimate protection. but most of all, i love how easy it is to apply on all the hard to reach spots. and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. i even use it on my face. plus, it moisturizes, which is a given plus!




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