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August 2016

Going Digital with Audible App

August 31, 2016


I always swore before that I would never go beyond the good old paperback or hardback copy when it came to reading my novels. But living in NYC and traveling far more often than I ever had before has helped sway my thoughts on this topic. I recently learned about Audible, an app that provides digital spoken audio entertainment in the form of books and on-demand channels.

My recent trip to Paris was the perfect opportunity for me to try out the new app and bring my reading to the road in a new digital way (new for me at least). One of my favorite authors is Isabel Allende, and I have been waiting to get my hand on her new book that came out called The Japanese Lover. Audible app has literally ever book you ever wanted in audible form. I searched this title because I was curious, and yup there it was . . . the first thing that came up. Of course, it was my first Audible download and I am now addicted! As someone who attempts to pack light (but usually fails) when traveling or even making the trek into Manhattan from Brooklyn, there isn’t much room left for a book in my purse or carry on. It’s so much more convenient I found to have everything I’m reading (well in this case, listening to) right on my phone for easy access. It’s one less thing to weigh down my shoulders, and I can listen anytime. In the case of my Paris trip, the slow Parisian mornings gave me time to kick back in our quaint hotel room and get some listening of The Japanese Lover on with my coffee before heading out for lunch. At the airport my audible story keeps me company and makes the wait to board my plane that much more bearable. And now I can continue the story here in NYC on the subway, when I’m waiting in long lines at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, or just went I want to chill in the park when the summer evenings start to cool down. My stories can go with me anywhere nowadays.

It’s quite relaxing having a lovely voice speak the story to me and I can close me eyes and imagine it coming to life. No more lines are missed, or re-read over and over because my mind is wandering. Listening on Audible actually makes me less distracted so I can focus much better. And for someone who is also a true multi-tasker, the benefits of using Audible really are a dream come true. I can get things done and get my reading done the same time. And now I’m getting into Audible Channels, as well, which is something totally new for me. Basically, Channels is an organized collection of original programming and exclusive content including episodic programs, distinctive comedy, lectures and the best of audio periodicals. It’s fun browsing through the list on the app and seeing what catches my eye (or actually should I say ear). So many topics . . . the range is so wide. This section is definitely made for the curious person who likes to get adventurous with what they listen to, or who is open to learning new things. By the way, Channels is a free benefit for Audible Premium members.

Are you curious now about Audible now? Well perfect timing, because the app is offering a 30-day free trial for new users. Plus one free audible book download. Click the link HERE to come check it out. It might actually change your life.








This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.


The City of Lights with RL888

August 30, 2016



Ralph Lauren RL888 watch
And Other Stories dress
Moro Tran leather purse
Jocelyn Fur pom pom

There is no city that embodies elegant sophistication more than Paris. My sister and I found ourselves in the City of Lights for a four day trip there last week, and it ended up being the perfect mix of work and play.One of our most sought out explorations was an evening to enjoy the sunset at the Louvre. It was a picture perfect setting. And of course, with being in France comes a particular nod towards a Parisian state-of-mind when it came to how we dressed. This wasn’t too hard to do actually. Simplicity is key, as any Parisian would say. I packed only my my timeless of pieces and relied on accessories and other details to liven them up. It was a hot week in Paris, so minimalism wasn’t such a bad idea at all. And keeping time while also keeping chic . . . that’s not a bad idea at all, as well.

I sported my new Ralph Lauren RL888 leather strapped watch, inspired by the brand’s 888 Madison Avenue store in NYC. I love the round stainless steel case and the fact that I can interchange the straps with an array of colors in alligator, calf leather, stain or grosgrain. In this case, I chose a purposeful navy blue. The RL888 Collection (of course Swiss-made) is modern and classically elegant at the same time, like how every woman seems to strive to be nowadays. Paris and NYC are two cities that embody that mindset. And it’d good to know that I no longer have to be late for things anymore.

Check out more from the RL888 Collection to see for yourself.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine







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Bleu Jean Bébé

August 29, 2016



Cotton On tank
Rebecca Taylor La Vie jeans, available at Shopbop
Topshop shoes
Brahmin leather backpack

Starting my morning off with the classical music station playing on my Spotify, and just thinking about how groovy life is and how good thoughts and energies can fix nearly everything. Recently, I’ve been putting a lot of trust into the flow of my thoughts and letting them feel freely, even if they feel convoluted and all wrapped up amongst each other. They rub against each other and somehow there is that chance that they can spark  magical things. I let them roam freely and I pay attention to them all, and I let them affect me in the ways that give me the most trust in myself. A trust that teaches me to know that even when things feel hard, there are lessons to learn from all these sorts of situations, and that maybe the wait to find the answer is the best thing of all. I trust in my thoughts to guide me to where I need to be . . . to put me near the people who I should trust just as much, as well. And with that guide I only feel love. Blue doesn’t always have to be a sad sort of feeling. It is also free like the sky. Free in every direction. And that is all I ever wanted to be. I hope you can see blue and have it make you feel free, too.






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The Art of Independence

August 25, 2016



Cienne overalls
Stylestalker tee

After three years of being a New Yorker, there’s one thing that I’ve learned. Being independent is an important quality to have in this city. In a city that seems to continuously be going in all directions and with new faces crossing our paths on the daily, it can be easy to be overwhelmed. I’ve thought about this a lot since I moved to NYC three years ago. And I know for a fact that my first few months here I would not have survived so easily if it wasn’t for my sister already being here, and instantly becoming my closest friend here. She still is. She was the person who calmed me down when I got lost on the subway and felt so frustrated at life. She was the person who listened to me vent when my boss at work pissed me off so hard I wanted to cry and kick and quit on the spot. She was the one who gave me a shoulder to lean on when I needed a place to escape from an evil roommate situation. And she was an open door when I needed to get out of my place and just shut things out for a little bit. The world outside one’s doorstep in this city can be a hurricane, with the looks of a bully that cannot seem to ever be conquered alone. Which is why I understand why the idea of seeking refuge with people who are friends or acquaintances, at all times, is a form of protection in this city that is a sea of ever-changing experiences and characters that can sometimes hurt us or knock us down. And the idea of facing it all alone . . . well that’s quite scary right?

I once wrote a blog post mentioning how NYC can feel to some, like the loneliest city in the world, despite all the bodies and all the action and the endless amount of things to do. That’s the thing about NYC, there is so much going on at once, time feels almost useless because there is never enough time for it all. Never enough. And well that sort of passing of time, of having what seems like the world at our fingertips, but not enough time to grasp at it, that can be a pretty lonely feeling. And yes, I’ve had that feeling many a times. And in times like these, I always try to change things for the better.

Instead of feeling swept away by time, I made the decision to use every second of my time. And I started by looking at the idea of loneliness and how I could change it with different sorts of perspective into something that I shouldn’t be fearful of, but something that I would want to embrace and embody. Loneliness vs. Being Alone. It’s a sometimes confusing concept, but there really is a major difference between the two. And the concept, for me, heavily relied on my sense of independence. How strong am I on me own two feet? How often do I rely on others for supplying the answers? How much do I motivate myself, without the approval by others? How confident am I in situations where I won’t have someone there to back me up? These are all questions I asked myself, and they all involved qualities that I knew were things that would help me survive the city that I live in in a positive and self-empowering way. So, I worked on strengthening these qualities, little by little every single day, during the times when I had a little more time on my hand to be alone with my own thoughts. Little old me, myself and I. NYC really is the perfect sort of city to be independent in. You can get lost in it an amazing way. A way that is much different from feeling lost in a lonely sort of way. Take away the crutches and find ways to utilize your time independently. You can’t always rely on a friend or a family member or a co-worker to be there for every sort of situation you find yourself in. So being prepared to have your own back is key. And you yourself should always be the first person you confide in before anyone else. You’ll find that by doing things alone . . . getting a slice of pizza, checking out an art exhibit, going to a movie you really want to see, taking a walk to the park, people watching, introducing yourself to someone new who seems interesting, etc. . . . are in ways the baby steps to becoming your own best friend. You might be surprised at how far from lonely you will feel after seeing how far you can get by just relying on your own two feet. Having your friends and family around the other times, well those are just extra perks.



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