A Swimsuit So Sweet

August 22, 2016



Triangl bikini

After a weekend full of writing, I’m still not at the conclusion that anything I’ve written is good enough to post on here . . . so I’ll wait and start off this morning with something a little lighter. And it’s Monday, so we all haven’t had enough caffeine yet to really wrap our heads around things . . .

I didn’t have as many beach days as I’d like this summer (and it’s already nearing the end of August), so I’m making sure to make the most of the last few free days I get to put some sand between my toes. The thing with the beach on the east coast is how much of a trek it can be getting to one. This ain’t California, that’s for sure, but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s just a choice of being lazy or not. But there’s really something about feeling confident and free in a bikini that’s motivation to get my booty to the beach more often. It’s definitely a feat worthy of a celebration. And why not than with none other than the sweetest and most delightful bikini that one’s ever come across? Triangl nailed it so hard with this one in mix and match pastel colors so tasty looking I’d almost rather eat the entire thing for dessert than wear it into the salty ocean water. Like they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. But hey, at least you can wear it right?








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