The Multistick by Bite Beauty

September 2, 2016


There is something so refreshing about finding a makeup product that makes you feel so pretty with just a few seconds of swipes and that’s it. The Multistick by Bite Beauty is a celebration of minimalism and a natural, bared down approach to makeup. Feeling beautiful shouldn’t mean layers of foundation, heavy contouring, false eyelashes and all those other things big beauty brands promise to do to our faces to make them look more attractive. I mean, of course, concealer is my number one essential, but going beyond that and some mascara and maybe a little bit of blush . . . sometimes it feels all too much. And instead, it can cover up our natural glow. I love that The Multistick puts all three steps into one, in natural shades that come in a wide range for women of every skin tone. It’s a lipstick, a cheek stain and color for your eyelids. After trying some of the colors all over I was blown away at how much it brightened up my face and gave me that radiating glow. It did indeed make me look more youthful and fresh . . . funny to think that this can be achieved with less makeup and just one color. See, simplicity really is key.

Even the packaging of the product, so streamlined and chic, is an inspiration to follow suit in the process of the application. After a few weeks of sticking to The Multistick, plus a few swipes of mascara, some brow gel and maybe a little bit of concealer and illuminator, it felt like a nice change to look in the mirror and be able to see myself as I truly am. The face I was born with, not one that is contoured or over-shadowed or heavily lined along the edges into something it’s not (even thought that is fun to do every now and then, of course). Bite Beauty has just came up with the perfect way to achieve that sought after look to match a state of well rest. A well rest that is well deserved. The color I am wearing here is Macaroon, a slightly pinkish brown hue that I think brings out the gold in me eyes.

Come find your color . . . The Multistick is now available at Sephora.