Hopelessly Devoted to Banana Leaf

November 4, 2016


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Dannijo earrings
Bally sandals

When one is in Southeast Asia, anything flowing, oversized and breezy is a must. Because you will be sweating . . . all day. This country is though, in fact, a huge fan of air conditioning. But it isn’t something you can really rely on. You have to learn to love the heat. Not to mention the endless amounts of spicy foods to be found in the local Malaysia food scene. I can’t help but take everything hotter than hot with an extra side of spicier than spicy. In the South Indian culture, many dishes are served on top of a Banana Leaf, and it is one of my favorite things to eat when I’m visiting Malaysia. For those who haven’t tried it yet, make sure to come with a huge appetite and a strong stomach, because it’s A LOT of SPICY food. Banana leaf is actually an artistry, consisting of levels of portions and side dishes added to be eaten in a certain order and in certain combinations on top of the banana leaf. For me, I’m easy, and really pay no attention to a particular order. I only care about taste. And color. So a side of rice, red curry, a yellow lentil dahl and some spicy fried chicken and maybe some vegetable fritters to be dipped in a yogurt blend is good for me. This combination is everything. Just be careful not to splash any curry on your whites. That would be a nightmare, but also one that is well worth it.







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