Strap Happy

December 12, 2016



Patricia Nash leather strap // SHOP HERE
Patricia Nash leather bag // SHOP HERE

Hey ho, it’s the holidays! I’ve been trying really hard to make sure I take my daily dose of sparkles. Anything glittery has been catching my eye for the past month, especially in neutral tones. Maybe this is a trend that will end up going beyond the holiday season for me. I know sparkles in overdrive can be a bit obnoxous, but they seem to be the best and only diversion to the cold nowadays. It also seems like I have found another diversion. And that is Patricia Nash‘s “Strap Happy” collection that is currently available at Macy’s. I was drawn to the masculine simplicity of this bag as soon as I saw it. So much function and heritage in it’s style. For me, classic is the way to go when it comes to what goes on the shoulder. And this one fit the bill. And then things started to get really exciting once I found out that Patricia Nash had a collection of interchangebale straps. Because classic should never be boring. It gives the feeling of a brand new purse in a quick second. A fresh strap is like a blank slate, which feels exactly right with the new year approaching. I chose the Patricia Nash Interchangable Patchwork Monte Viso strap because I was drawn to its earthy hues. It reminds me of Woodstock in the 60’s and 70’s. Even though I prefer sparkles more nowadays than bohemian fringe, I still can’t let go of my roots. I will always be a hippie at heart deep, deep down inside. I can dance to both disco and Bob Dylan. How about that? xx

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