A Psychedelic Wind Tunnel

December 24, 2016


Jocelyn fur coat
AG high-waist jeans // SHOP HERE
ASKA leather boots
Vintage scarf
Brahmin leather backpack

Happy holidays all you lovely people. This space can get a little slow around this time of the year because I’m spending time with family and friends, making the most of my time to put work aside. I’m here back home in California, although these past few days feel far from what I’m used to when I visit home. I mean when it comes to the weather. The skies have been overcast with rain coming down heavy and steady throughout the day. What is happening?! But today is Christmas Eve and the sun is finally shining, and everything feels brand new even if I have my winter coat still on my back. The new year is brimming with shiny gold things, and I’m looking forward to it all so much. It’s crazy how much everything seems possible at this point in life right now. I’ve realized that when I look back at the past year, few months, few days, and look forward at what is capable of coming to life into something tangible in the future, I feel completely happy about it all. I think it’s because this past year has been the one where I had the clearest perspective and awareness of everything that surrounded me. I opened my eyes and hearts to a lot of people and things that made me feel good and protected. I listened more to other perspectives, and let them not overshadow my own, but complement them in a smarter, more comprehensive way. I’m not sure how it happened, but it did, and I’m so grateful for that. Grateful for where it brought me.

Hope you all spend your days with those you love unconditionally, and who make you feel your best. Everyone deserves that, especially around this time of the year. Talk soon. But I’ll leave you with a look from New York City a few weeks ago. This coat is really something unique. While on the hunt for my final winter purchase of the year, I knew that I had to snag this one It’ll keep me warm for many, many winter to come. xx

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