Vanilla Bourbon

December 28, 2016


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Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon fragrance

A woman can define herself by many things. By the unsuspecting smirk that’s ever so mysterious but also approachable. By the way she runs her hands through her hair. The way she looks into the eyes of the one she’s in conversation with. By the color of the lipstick on her lips before going out at night. The way she kisses when she’s really in it. The sparkle in her eye when something delights her. The way she walks into the room as if she owns it . . . as if she had always owned it. The way she never gives away too much of her all at once, but rather lets it trickle out slowly as time goes on. Opening her heart more and more each time. The way words hang off the edge of her lips as she thinks about what to say next. Then there are women who define themselves by the scent that lingers from their neck and wrists. I like to say that I define myself by more of less a few of the things that I called out above, and they all add up to something almost indescribable. And if you think about it, these things sometimes are not things we as woman call out about ourselves, but what others call out about us. That is why I love perspective. It adds dimensions and tells a new story about the same thing and it never, ever gets old. And like the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon scent . . . it never, ever gets old. I wear it everyday. A base of vanilla bourbon that smells just like it sounds . . . feminine and sexy. The hint of oakwood is earthy and dark. All together, it feels organic and naturally heated . . . a warming effect that fits right in with wintertime. A subtle explosion of woodsiness that we all subconsciously crave when it’s cold outside; with just enough masculinity in its blend to bring to life that special caress of a man. I would love for him to wear this scent, too. As a woman, I endlessly am looking for ways to express myself as a demure lady as well as a bold female. Held back in some parts, but free and open with others. A little vanilla. And a little bourbon. Being a woman, I am always able to have both, and then some. 

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