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February 2017

Wearing The Feels

February 28, 2017


Cinq à Sept dress and jacket
Karen Walker top
Miista shoes
Sabrina SL earrings
Brother Vellies fur purse

Everybody is talking about that feeling of gaining that first spring back into one’s step around this time of the year. When the weather shifts, and all of a sudden hope seems to be popping up out of every hidden corner. The sun, the warmth, a feeling of something brand new even more new than the other brand new that we thought we just had. The energy changes and all of a sudden we are shaken up in a way different than when we were ringing in the new year with expectations of all sorts just two months ago. Was it really only two months ago?! And now here we are, spring around the corner, and some of those expectations may or may not have fallen even lower. But for some reason, at least for me, right now in between seasons of a desolate winter and an approachable spring, there seems to be no reason to skip a step or lose a beat. My experiences and the happenings of the past two months of my life I have found were never predictors of my future. Because I know and believe that things can change in an instant, for both the good and for the bad. So instead I looked at the last two months in a way that showed me a taste of what could or could not come . . . bits and pieces of an entire spectrum of possibilities (some that maybe I did not even think of before or never felt like I could ever be ready for). It’s easy in today’s day and age of competition and distractions and frustrations and road blocks and self consciousness, to turn a blind eye to the possibilities that seem impossible. In a way, turning a blind eye to these things is like turning what feels invisible even more invisible. Throwing them away as if not an ounce of life could thrust forth from within them. I think I knew I have finally become an adult when I stopped throwing the idea of these sort of possibilities away. The impossible sort of possibilities, if that makes sense. And as I held onto them longer, the stronger I started to feel. Happier, like the marigold color of this jacket I’m wearing in this post. And now here I go again, turning the color of my clothes into a real life feeling. Holding onto bits of sunshine and comparing it to something like looking hope right in the face and handing myself right over to it, and saying whatever it all is that is meant to cross my path, I’ll be ready. I’ll be ready for what shows up on my doorstep. And I’ll be ready for what doesn’t show up at all. And like that, no longer do I feel like a prisoner to old expectations. 

It seemed impossible to continue to keep on falling for a man from thousands of miles away, but still my heart has never beaten faster and I can’t image that happening for me with anyone else. It seemed impossible a year ago that true friends who really got my back could exist in this cutthroat industry (not to mention city), but that was only because I kept letting the one’s who made me feel down around too long. I may count my closest friends on only one hand and maybe an extra thumb  nowadays, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It seemed impossible to feel fresh and renewed at the age of 29 after years of the daily grind, but today I’ve never felt my best. It’s like just yesterday I was 18. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll  be 17. It’s easy to feel young when living doesn’t feel like a 9-5 job. I was looking into making my first home purchase on a whim a few weeks ago, stressed and forced because of lack of time, only to lose out on it. Will it ever be possible to get such a deal again? Should I have fought for that harder? But deep down inside I know with all my heart that something better for me is meant to come along. And so it is absolutely possible to have no regrets. Because something new is always waiting on the other side. As long as you see it that way. 

And so here I go, wearing my FEELS in the form of a marigold coat that makes me feel as full of worth as gold, a sunshine yellow dress with a fit that reminds me why being a woman is incomparable to anything else, and a fuschia pink top just for the heck of it to represent my love for hope and the possibility of love itself in every sort of situation (and to not freeze to death on the streets of NYC even though both this top and coat together are actually not really cutting it AT ALL . . . but hey it was fashion week). 

Talk soon lovers. 


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Hair by Kerastase in Tulum

February 27, 2017

Kerastase Aura Botanica products used for impeccable hair in Mexico:

Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire
Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental
Aura Botanica Concentré Essentiel
Aura Botanica Essence D’Eclat

After a year of dealing with my long, unruly and overworked hair, it wasn’t until my trip to Tulum that I found the magic potion to all my hair problems. I was a bit hesitant about how my winter and bleach tainted hair was going to react to summer weather and loads of sunshine a few weeks ago during my trip to Brazil. So I decided to see if I could find a way to reach a level of reversal in my week back from Brazil where I found myself in the midst of a very, very cold and very, very windy New York Fashion Week. With Mexico just around the corner after that, I decided that my hair just needed a break from it all, and I think I found the perfect solution in the form of Kerastase’s brand new line of hair products called Aura Botanica. The line is made for those conscious about the ingredients found in the products they use on their bodies. The number of toxins and non-natural ingredients found in today’s beauty, hair and skincare world is astonishingly terrifying, and I applaud those brands working hard to take these realms into a more natural, toxin free state. The products in the Aura Botanica line are made of 96% natural origin ingredients, all responsible sourced and handpicked from Morocco. No silicones. No sulfates. No parabens. All things that hair definitely feels and looks much better without. The four products that I brought with me to Tulum and that I started using midway through NYFW was life changing, yet subtle (which I prefer because there is nothing worse than shocking one’s hair in any sort of way). I could feel the change in my hair, and it felt healthy even after long sweaty days riding bikes under the sun, dips in cenotes, after being covered by sea salt and sand. This was the first time ever in ages where my hair felt easily manageable and soft after so much exposure to the sun and sea water. And not even once did I touch my hair with a straightening or curling iron the whole time. I washed my hair day and night with the special shampoo and conditioner, the Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire and the Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental. The shampoo is super luxurious in the way it lathers and adds shine to my hair. The conditioner is the best detangler yet with its high concentration of of natural oils. Each night, after washing and air drying, I would apply the Aura Botanica Concentré Essentiel, a concentrated combination of all natural oils for nourishment and softness, to my ends. My split ends seemed to simply disappear. And each morning, before heading out for the day, I would use a wet brush through my hair and then use a few light sprays of the Aura Botanica Essence D’Eclat, a bi-phase mist of oils and rose water solution, all over to control frizz throughout the day. Every single product worked together to restore my hair’s health and look subtly and natural, and the smell was sweetly citrusy and fantastic. Good hair. Check. Up next on the blog . . . all the other good things we found in Tulum, Mexico! 

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Exploring Mexico with Teva

February 26, 2017


All sandals feature are by TEVA

There is something super special about Mexico. Escapism to the max. Being half Mexican on my Dad’s side, Tulum and Mayokoba for me was such a treat. And especially since I never had the chance before to really explore the country outside of right across the California-Mexico border when I was a teenager. And let me tell you, those experiences were a far cry from what we got to see, smell, taste and hear on the Caribbean coast of this magical country. Natalie and I set flew out from NYC to meet our friends Kiara and Cara who were coming from Vancouver. East coast and west coast colliding on the tropical Caribbean coast. We were planning this trip for what felt like ages . . . so the feeling of finally getting on that plane . . . not to mention stepping onto Mexican soil for the first time in a long time . . . was a huge sigh of relief. Already, Tevas on our feet, the first thing on our list was tacos. Our driver from the airport to Tulum knew the perfect spot for chicken tacos. We only had two each, but we regretted not getting four each. They were THAT GOOD. And so simple. Already, we knew we had reached paradise. 

Our first night in Tulum was spent glamping at Joy Tulum. The property was a simple and modest setting with a touch of quirkiness that felt just the right amount of bohemian. Our bungalow tents had lots of charm despite the bare necessities. But that was really all we needed for our first night in Tulum. And we were only a short bike ride away from the main part of town, where we enjoyed a dinner at Hartwood, a well known restaurant that has been all the rage in Tulum. Oh, did I forget to mention how trendy Tulum is? I heard a lot about how it boomed in the past five years, but the reality of that statement doesn’t really hit until you actually walk down the main street of Tulum. Just a warning, you more likely than not may run into someone you know if you are from a big city. Not that that is a bad thing or anything. It’s just a good way to describe the social scene. But don’t get me wrong, Tulum can be anything you want it to be. And especially if you are really trying to escape someplace like NYC, as was the case for Nat and I. We picked and chose our hang out and sightseeing spots and endeavors wisely, making sure to leave room for as much local culture and food as we could. And enjoying the most simple of things like sunsets and the more quiet parts of the beaches away from the $600 a night eco-chic hotels. 

Cenote Cristal was the cenote we decided to visit during our stay in Tulum. It isn’t the most popular of cenotes, but we realized we were biking in the opposite direction of the popular cenote, Cenote Dos Ojos, and just said F it, let’s check this one out. And turned out to be really lovely and spacious, and not too overcrowded at all. There was a fun wooden plank that made for the perfect jumping spot. We even got Natalie to jump in even though she is usually the scaredy cat of the group! After our long bike ride, this spot turned out to be the exact sort of break we needed. And we were refreshed to get back on our bikes again to explore the main part of town from there. 

Great stop for breakfast:

Burrito Amor
Av. Tulum S/N
77760 Tulum, Quintana Roo
The breakfast burrito with cheese and chard (Mexican version of spinach) . . . is one of the best things in the world! Note: make sure you know which hot sauce is which. It’s always the least expected one that is the most spicy!

Restaurant Tunich
Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila, Km. 5.5
77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo
This place is killer for fresh made smoothies and juices to start your mornings off right. The owner is Canadian and super friendly, and he adopted a stray kitten that was found hanging around. I had a veggie omelet and green juice here and it was super tasteful. 

Our next two nights were spent at a fabulous (and I cannot stress the word fabulous) Airbnb, one of the last 10% of Airbnbs available at the time. Tulum is in high season right now, people! The area was a bit off the beaten path, in a newly developed area of wonderfully architected condos, called Aldea Zama Artiacondos. We were super impressed by the service at our Airbnb, how peaceful and chic it was, and how accessible it was to all the parts of Tulum we wanted to see. We could get to everything by bike in less than 20 minutes max. Equipped with a little dip pool in the front, we felt right at home and so, so comfortable. We almost contemplated staying another night because it was so perfect. 

Other highlights of Tulum:

The vegetarian mushroom tacos at Papaya Playa Project. They were just snacks on the menu, but the serving size was a massive meal. We were so hungry and chowed down so hard, but they were the best vegetarian tacos ever made. Highly recommended!

Michaeladas and margaritas at The Beach Tulum Hotel. The white hammocks near the bar area is such a great lounge spot. And it’s never too crowded. Also, the swing chairs at the bar are super cute. This place is upscale for sure, but super laid back. Perfect for hanging out during the day for a drink. And the people working on the property are so, so welcoming. 

Early morning bike ride to the Tulum Mayan Ruins. But beware of tourists. We made the mistake of leaving an hour too late, and hit tourist central. The bad outfits and shoes made the experience of the Ruins far less elegant, but still the history and architecture and story behind this place is quite phenomenal. Plus the view of the beach from the cliffside is sooo picturesque on a sunny day. I made sure to keep on iguana watch. They are massive!! 

Our last two days in Mexico was spent at the Fairmont Mayakoba resort, which was part of our relaxation and TLC portion of our trip. The deep tissue massage that we were welcomed with was the biggest treat after all our long bike rides around Tulum. But what was special about this place in particular was the land that the property was built on, which is mostly limestone which has been eroded to expose cenotes, caves and underground rivers. The hotel made sure to craft this eroded limestone to keep the majority of the nature surrounding the hotel in tact, creating canals that run through the property so hotel stayers can be able to go around and see how nature takes its course all around them. The most important thing at Fairmont Mayakoba is balance. The land, the water, the animals that live on the property . . . all exist in balance with one another because of the careful care of the Fairmont staff. What a mind blowing thing to know, that in a place as fancy and fabulous  as this hotel, one can still be right in the middle of nature’s course, and actually be an important part of its sustainability cycle. The boat tour around the property was a mini biology class that opened my eyes up to the beauty of Mexico and its natural wonders. 

That’s about it for Tulum and Mayakoba for now, but definitely more pictures to come soon . . . Thanks to Teva for keeping our feet safe and ready to conquer each day. Styling our Tevas during our trip was the best way to be creative on the beach. Hope we inspire you to add Tevas to your upcoming spring and summer wardrobes. 


Red Dress Over Red Pants

February 23, 2017


Veda red leather dress
Vintage fur coat
Seafarer red suede pants
ASKA leather mules
Staud bag

My newfound infatuation with red continues, taking on a new form of red on red which involves a dress and pants. This combination is better than spicy Asian chili sauce over white rice. 

Check out more leather dresses I love: 

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