An Unpredictable Weather Report

February 16, 2017


Novella Royale dress
Kurt Lyle coat
Cinq à Sept beanie
Vintage Chanel purse
By Far boots

Lately, the weather has been as unpredictable as my travel schedule. But without that crazy travel schedule, life wouldn’t be as exciting. So I guess I can’t really complain. The best thing about this city is that nothing ever really stops it even when the weather begs to make things differ. When it rains out, I don’t like to go hiding into the depths of my apartment. Instead, I work hard to make my day go on like any other normal day. Or at least, as much as I can make it go on like any other normal day. Yes, things get splashed and a bit stained, but that doesn’t mean the world has to stop. Instead, black, grey and brown are the answer. Layer them up. When the city looks like a puddle, I say dress like a puddle. A fashionable one. And go on with your day. Lots of other important things to do I say. 

Off to Tulum, Mexico today. NYFW updates coming soon . . .