Reds and Pinks to Carry Me Along

February 20, 2017


Moon River shearling coat
MSGM top
Ulla Johnson pants
YSL shoes
Bally leather purse
American Apparel socks

There was something about red lately that kept me incorporating in many of my fashion week outfits. A color that I have usually been most fearful of because of its drama factor (I’m known to be a very non dramatic person). Maybe I’ve just been in more of a bold mood lately. A mood that makes taking chances feels more second nature and effortless. A mood that makes me not care whether the decisions I make make turn heads or not. A mood that makes stepping through life in pursuit of something great, and that something can be something you don’t exactly have your fingertip on. And boy you can be sure that something is meant to be special, whatever the heck it is. That’s how I stepped into this NYFW. I felt unstoppable. Not guarded. Just overflowing with energy. And just simply making the most of it as much as I could. Even with blisters on my feet, and my nose nearly frozen off, and the mud marks on my barely worn YSL pumps. There was something there that kept me going. A something that was maybe lacking in seasons before. Maybe that something was confidence. A gradual bump up from last year; gradual but the difference was substantially felt. Here’s to making changes, and feeling bold and recognizing all these sort of things. And maybe not recognizing them all exactly, but at least a note of them, a hint of them. Those little notes and hints can be the drive behind it all. And so I’ll let these red shoes kept carrying me along.