Anna Sui Kicks Ass

March 6, 2017


Anna Sui dress
Nicole Miller jacket
ASKA leather boots
Vintage purse

When I wear Anna Sui, I feel absolutely invincible. In the way that the lead singer of a rock band feels when he or she performs on stage. Attending the Anna Sui show this past NYFW just reiterated my love for Anna’s aesthetics, which is grounded so deeply in music and rings so true of her passion for it. You feel the beat in the bones of her designs. The way they move down the runway. The way they shimmer in the light. They layer together in a way that gives light on what is beneath all the way to the bottom. Every single texture speaks boldly and confidently like a tune you can’t get out of your hair. The past is her muse . . . but so much of the future is felt when I see Anna’s designs float (or should I say sashay) down the runway. Every season is a literal transport to a story in time that existed once, but can be touched upon again through the threads put on one’s shoulders. That’s the beauty of Anna’s retelling. She doesn’t change the story in history . . . she sheds light with her own perspective. What I feel when I view her collections is that no matter how history rolls out, the idea of playing to the beat of one’s own drum should never be lost. And that perspective is the coolest thing ever. Long live Anna Sui, the woman who made me care about the clothes I put on my body when I was a pre-teen, and the feeling they gave me when I walked out the door.

Shop more of my favorite Anna Sui dresses below:

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