The One Day I Dressed Preppy

March 22, 2017


Elizabeth and James top and jeans
Senreve purse
Chinese Laundry slides
Crap Eyewear sunglasses
Argento Vivo earrings

The one day I dressed preppy . . . and it was totally okay. This blue stripe and blue denim combination wasn’t really meant to happen, but for some reason it did and for another reason it fit right in on my a lazy Sunday exploring the Brickell, Miami neighborhood the day after a bit too much champagne. Is alcohol now motivating my fashion decisions?! Lol. Mmmm, most likely not . . . although we could say it is the case here. Really, I think I’m just opening myself up to options usually found to be unexpected to me. And I allowed myself to get away with that, and without asking the permission of other’s. Is this too preppy for me? No one else had to answer that for me. My own answer though, would be along the lines of . . . probably yes, a bit too preppy for my usual rock and roll taste, but sometimes I like to tease myself into taking on a different sort of persona with my outfit choices. Just a little tease for the personal excitement . . . not for anyone else, just for myself. But not all of myself is teased away here . . . the belly baring, the kitschy pop of salmon pink, the dangling teardrop earrings. I wouldn’t give myself up that much for the sake of trying something outside my usual box. The same can be applied to dating, and friendships and even job interviews.Even one’s approach to a workout routine! There are always things to be sacrificed and molded a bit to suit certain situations and mindsets, but never should the core of who you are have to diminish in any way. Now I look at these pictures of myself, and see the distinct parts of who I am amplified in a new way by the conservative stripes paired with basic blues. A grown of version of Dylana who I am now completely open to getting to know more. Maybe you’ll see her around a little bit more. It’s all a matter of making room for all the different parts of yourself to co-exist at once. 

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