& Other Stories | Pink Manic Monday

April 3, 2017


& Other Stories, LA Collection sweater, top and skirt 
Ferragamo purse


I’m jumping into Monday in a mad hurry after having an entire weekend to myself with a giant to-do list and many home cooked meals, but it still seemed like I was lacking in the time department. Isn’t that what always happens though? I did get a good amount of things scratched off the list though, and I’m really in the mood to get back to the grind this week. I have a list of content stories I want to get up on here this week. It’s harder than one thinks . . . coming up with new ideas for the blog. My goal for this week is to really focus on some stories that I haven’t yet touched up on here. If you have any ideas, help a girl out! First off, boxing class this morning. And then a much needed hair cut. Much, much needed. Then back to work. There’s a #SuarezSister video coming your way soon that just needs a few last minute edits. Lots of things to do. This girl needs to keep busy while her boyfriend is out of town. A long distance relationship is hard, but we make it work. Facetime is a wonderful invention. 

So as I dive into this new week that is promising us higher temperatures here in NYC, let me show you one look we shot in Venice for & Other Stories‘ LA Collection. I was really falling for all the pink in the new collection, so I snagged this loose knit sweater to layer over a matching turtleneck crop top. Light pink and stark black is such a good combination to me. The girlish and the goth cancel each other out in the best sort of way. It just so happened that the streets of Abbott Kinney had an unlimited amount of pink walls to match my ensemble. Of course, we had to get some shots in here. The sun was radiating in all its glory today. It was a stereotypically perfect day to be in Los Angeles, and to dress borderline Barbie. If only everyday could be a day where it’s a necessity to match your surroundings. 






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