The Last of Coat Season

April 5, 2017


Ace & Jig pants
Ohlin/D sweater
Lie Sangbong wool coat
ASKA boots
Vintage Chanel purse
The Kooples belt
Sabrina SL earrings

Hopefully this will be the last of my coat posts. But man, will I miss wearing this one coat in particular. It’s true that you always appreciate things more once you can’t have them. I saw the first buds growing on the bare trees in Soho yesterday, and a shift forward began in me at the exact same time that nostalgia started to hit. A cycle that repeatsa every spring awakening. In a way, it’s quite sad to say farewell to my coat rack and lazy days in bed hiding from the cold. This past winter was full of texture for me . . . the kind that comes in the form of woolen sweaters, striped trousers and a punkish studded belt. But it was also full of texture in the form of late night cuddles, dry and raggedy fingernails from the cold and the dog eared pages of old books from the previous summer that I only finally got around to finishing once winter approached its end. Winter seems so much sweeter when it is looked back upon, just as the upcoming summer seems so much more endless before it actually arrives. Then it seems to pass by in a blur. But this spring is looking to be one of exciting changes that will make NYC feel even more like home. Adulthood never felt so less intimidating than right now. It looks like I’m finally catching up with myself. But at the same time, I owe a lot of that growth to winters past spent inside hiding from the cold, with all the time in the world to contemplate words onto this computer screen. Those sentences were the things that kept me warm the most before I fell asleep at night to the banging sound of my old heater. So, winter, this post is in a little way an ode to you and your impromptu guidance of the direction of my steps into this spring. When the trees are covered with flowers, and no remnants of you are left behind, I will always remember you 🙂 And all the coats that you allowed me to fill up far too much space in my already bursting closet. 

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