& Other Stories | Leopard Lady

April 6, 2017


& Other Stories leopard blouse, jeans and sandals
Rebecca Minkoff scarf
Sonix sunglasses
Vintage belt
Remember that time when Jim Morrison from The Doors sang “L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon / Drive through your suburbs / Into your blues, into your blues, yeah / Into your blue-blue Blues?? Well, I think he was talking about me in these & Other Stories blue jeans right here. Blue denim jeans . . . the option appropriate for any occasion for the endlessly casual LA woman. Even one from the suburbs, like me. hehe. That’s how it has always felt since I was just a little girl admiring the fashionable women around me whenever my family went into the city. Anything can be conquered in a pair of high-waisted blue jeans. And any situation can be faced with confidence and spice with a pop of leopard print thrown into the mix. It’s funny, I felt sort of like Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman would have worn this outfit on her day off. A woman who is true to her humble upbringing, but has a lot of inner spark. I like to dress how I feel. The concept behind & Other Stories’ styling approach and aesthetic is exactly that. Dressing how you feel is all a part of telling stories. Big stories. Small stories. It doesn’t matter, as long as they shed light on the bigger picture of our outlooks on life, our creative pursuits, the music that makes us feel the best we can be, the type of people that are drawn to us and vice versa. The way we dress can tell so much about who we are, as long as we want it to. For some people, no story is told through the way they are dressed. But for a lot of us, all we want to do is tell stories with it. Even if it’s just a feeling that we can get across with the outfit decisions we decide to make. Fashion has always made a mark in its own, unique way throughout history. It has always been based on a mindset. A focus on the future, while at the same time reflecting the past. Today, on the streets of Venice, California, little parts of my story were speckled all over the place. Nostalgic ones and even ones made out of my imagination. Maybe this vintage Mercedes Benz is my getaway car for an adventure that’s been in the back of my mind for ages. Maybe this is the day I take the wheel and do something different. Who knows. Do it for the story 🙂

This post is in collaboration with & Other Stories for their new LA Collection.

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